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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The troubles and trials we had to go through this year

As we wrap the year with passion and style, we still thank you for the continued support you gave us. Here's our most cherished moments of 2012, some brought us legal threats, some we sent apologies and some we fired back with our media law background and they never succeeded!


Mzantsi Insider's Phila Mazibuko Spotted in Newtown, Johannesburg - [read]

This is where we published a series of pictures of Phila Mazibuko and we did not accuse him of being gay or anything, we just published the pictures. He went as far as Soweto tv to defend the pictures, anyway that did not bother us at all.


Gorilla Films Exposed: Is Justin Campos Stealing from South African Artists? [read]

This is where we published how Justin of Gorilla films uses the local artists' content on YouTube to generate revenue for himself via advertsing


Gorilla Films Responds to our column: A threat to a law suit has hit us this morning [read]

This was one of the lolest moments, as I am of the opinion that Justin was half baked upstairs to respond and even send a legal threat to us. So we responded with another article, of course sending him the link that made him disappear like a fart.

SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012

Crowned MR SA first Prince Denies putting his cork screw on someone’s wife [read]

Another assumed mogoe of the year is Zane Maqetuka, we published the article headlined above after he called us while we were kicking it in Durban. He told us that Sunday papers have misrepresented him once again. The allegations were that he screwed someone's wife but according to them that never took place, so we interviewed all the involved parties and we did the story above.

Next thing we get a uniformed threat from MR "Cork" telling us that the Sunday papers have been ordered by the press ombudsman to remove the article, so should we! As he sends the email he copies the press Ombudsman and we also replied to all of them. We told Zane that the letter of the PO is not addressed to us and we will not remove the article, we advised him to file for us too.

Weeks later we get a call from his apparently lawyers, so they sent us a letter demanding we remove the article. We did not take is slightly, we fired back with venom; we told them that we will not remove the article and they must summon us to the court of law and we will then argue our case there. So we are still waiting, it's been months now already, hello!


Generations’ Thato Molamu refuses a picture claiming his mother is dying at home [read]

We wrote the article based on the headline above, the next thing we get a call from Generations' publicist. So we were told to retract the article and apologize, we did apologize but we did not retract because our readers must know what we are saying sorry for.

So we were asked if we have recorded Thato saying what we alleged, we were like, "HOW DO YOU TAKE A RECORDER TO SOMEONE IF YOU GOING TO ASK THEM FOR A PICTURE?" That was another mogoe of the year moment... Other than that, we said sorry because we were also told we must say that if we want to keep a relationship with Generations in the future.

It was indeed a great and successful year for us - we had our content featured on BIGGER PUBLICATIONS such as, Vuzu TV, Drum Magazine, Sunday Sun and other online publications. And thanks to Sunday World for using our content and not crediting us for it - on the Majoro article (Urinating on people's cars in Melville, Campus Square) and for using our information on the recent video we published about Kelly Khumalo, they even called but we were not credited! Thanks to all other magazines who used our content and we were given no credit at all!


The Second GoXtra News South African Government Music Awards 2012 [read]

Cheers to our very unique concept of the SA Government Awards - here we celebrated every successful MP and told every mogoe where to get off! People loved it and we promise yet another one next year, as we watch our government with an Eagle eye.

I relish!

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB | Who's Who SA | 

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