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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gorilla Films Exposed: Is Justin Campos Stealing from South African Artists?

CASH TIME Mzantsi Peeps!
Justin Campos’ involvement in the Entertainment industry began in 1994 when he began writing “groove tracks” in studio. Before the age of 17 he had progressed to the role of co-producer on advertising jingles for both SA and the international markets, working with his brother D-Rex out of a tiny, hand-built studio in Blairgowrie, as written on the company’s Website.

He’s now the preeminent Gorilla film maker in South Africa, shooting music videos in the entertainment industry and uploads them into his YouTube account, mhmmmm fishy.  The first major concerned I bumped into when I checked his YouTube account was advertisements, which means he’s getting paid for that, well, after being paid to shoot the music video(s) by the concerned artist(s)/label.

On YouTube when your video reaches a certain number of views advertisers will come in and you might also personalize your account with pay per click or impression ads, and Justin has done that very well. One might see this as day light robbery because most of these artist do not know that should your video be highly viewed you have the ability to leverage that.

Gorilla Films
My doubt is does he pay royalties for playing the videos on his YouTube channel? But ads do pay him which means he should be paying artists as well. It’s not a matter of, “I’ll make your video available on YouTube…” Well, it’s a matter of artists and their respective record labels uploading their rightful music video(s) with artists or company YouTube accounts.

This is not an exposition but I am trying to seek an understanding of the above, so be it I get the clarity or not, fact remains my opinion is out. Knowing that South African artist(s) are not fully aware on how they can leverage the online community fully triggered me to write this copy. I am not undermining Campos’ ways of making money but challenging his business ethics that are imposed to those I safely call, “I think I know the internet.”

I am subject to corrections but this is not a matter that needs corrections but clarity. I cannot let this deed happen in the space I play in because I respect persons craft and that they should benefit from the usage of such.

This is not on at all; Campos must compensate artists and their respective record labels. As much as he understands where they come from (unwise) and I now fully comprehend where he comes from (wise) to such an extent that he gets paid to shoot and earn himself some extra cash by advertising using their content. I am of the opinion that Campos knew what he was doing from the beginning. He knew that he was going to leverage this by all means and it’s so damn unfair.

I am not sorry about this article Campos, well, I am so sorry to those who thought they knew the internet and I am sure this will come as an eye opener to many…

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