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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A chat with a Pretoria based Artist and Producer

A chat with Thembelani Gina better known as Jay Tip, he’s an artist and producer based in the country's capital city, Pretoria. I got into his personality, career, love life and spirituality.

“I don’t really like the Jr dude and Suga Smax's music…”

Q Where did you grow up?
A I grew up at eSikhawini, North of KwaZulu Natal; I was a very quiet kid, and a very good street soccer player lol.
Q So how was it like growing up there? What was the experience like? Take me there?
A It’s a modern Kasi, I played all the games, adlalwa ekasi (Played in Townships), I got into fights, I carried a knife at some point, typical kasi boy. I hanged on the street, but I had curfew so I missed all the evening fun, like most hip Hop shows and games.

Q How old are you? At what age did you get involved with music?
A I am 27 years old; I got involved in music at age 18.

Q How do you keep healthy/exercise?
A I eat a lot of fruits, love my apples lol, and I jog every now and then, If I get a chance I also play soccer.
Q Cool, are you single or is there any lucky woman in your life?
A I am taken, I have a lovely and amazing girlfriend, Nonhlakanipho Motha.
Q What underwear do you prefer your woman wearing?
A I do not have any preferences because I know she'll be sexy in any!
Q How do you go through your day?
A  Wake up, pray, brush my teeth, bath, dress up; eat, go to work, email my girlfriend, check emails, plan for the day, work, check new music links, knock off, get home, review last night beats, bath, eat, talk to my girlfriend, pray and sleep.

Q What made you fall for music?
A I am from a very music orientated family, even though they into gospel, so I guess that music stink has been there, and i got into Hip Hop music through a good friend of mine and an artist and a producer in his own right, Hobonoid aka Landokuhle Nyirenda, who introduced me to fruity loops, then started producing beats.
Q How has the music experience been so far?
A It has been great, met couple of great people, artists, producers and music lovers, God has been blessing me, and since I am more involved in production people have been showing tremendous support, and I am grateful. There have been downs but I tend not to dwell on that.
Q What was the one thing that made you feel like the industry is whack?
A Centralization of publicity! It’s only JHB that gets on the publicity even though some of the music is not up to scratch!
Q As dramatic the hip hop genre is, name shame two cats in the industry?
A I don’t really like the Jr dude, and Suga-Smax's music, I am sorry I just think there are more deserving artists out there, that should get all this publicity and airplay, that’s just me!
Q So where do you see your music in the next three years?
A With the pace we going me and my crews Password and Intrudaz, I see my music being played on one of the biggest radio stations in South Africa, and also I see my music changing people's lives, and it has already started.
Q Applaud two cats in the industry?
A Proverb and Teargas, they have done very well for themselves, they worked their business and music well, hence their success.
Q what is your advice to emerging artists?
A You are the only person who can best represent you! so be the best you at all times, another thing, make sure that as far as music goes, before you share your music with the masses, on twitter, and Facebook, you seek well unbiased advice let people critique your song because you don't want to give the least you while you can give the best you; and do not compromise on quality, I repeat, do not compromise on quality.
Q Tell me about your latest project(s)?
A There is quite a number of projects I’m working on. I’m working on Qricha McNerd most anticipated debut album, Death Of McNerd, working on Password Crew long awaited offering, Working on Intrudaz Tape, & I’m Working on Stoppa le Jay Tip tape with Stoppa.
Q What's your motto in life?
A Go big or go home!
Q So finally anything you wanna conclude with?
A I'm a very spiritual gentleman, yet I’m open minded, that is I'm not uptight, I have fun, but always try maintain my spirituality. I am a very good cook and very family orientated! By the way my dad still does not approve of my involvement with hip hop, and he is a Pastor!

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