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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kuli Roberts NEVER knew of Vuyo Mbuli’s Makhwapheni’s!

Kuli Roberts sets the RECORD straight at the Gogos trying to “RUIN” her!

“SAVITA is trying to RUIN me with Vuyo AFFAIR RUMOURS”

In an interview wit HEAT Magazine Nomakula ‘Kuli’ Roberts has set a record straight this week – about the four Gogos she’s feuding with!

Since MR Vuyo Mbuli’s death – dramatic wife Savita Mbuli has been followed by drama and causing dramatic stunts that left many questioning the so-called mourning widow.

R.I.P Vuyo Mbuli!

When Heat Mag asked Kuli about how she’s coping, she told the magazine that it’s difficult  mourning a friend when you’re part of something that’s trying to ruin him. “I wasn’t that close to Vuyo, but he was a good guy…” said the controversial Kuli.

The Gogos! 4 vs. 1 

Kuli boldly denied having any sexual intercourse relationship with the late Vuyo – “I never even kissed him. He didn’t touch me. He was a very respectful man.” Said Kuli – speaking to Heat Magazine.

She (Kuli) told the Magazine that she never knew of Vuyo’s mistresses aka omakhwapheni!

Kuli Roberts explained that maybe this drama by Savita and the other Gogos happened to her because she had a friendship with the late humble husband of  Savita Mbuli, Vuyo.

Kuli also admitted that she and Vuyo did send each other BBM and Twitter Direct Messages. “But they obviously went through the messages when he passed away, and decided to mess with me.” said Kuli to the Magazine.

“It’s no secret that I have issues with Shumi Dantile (a Mbuli family friend), Savita Mbuli, who was enstranged from Vuyo before his death, Neoleen Maholwana-Sangqu and Basetsana Kumalo.”

Kuli has a problem that Neoleen invited Bob Mabena whom she’s co-hosting a show at Kaya FM with – without mentioning her name knowing that they do the show together.

And that Neoleen once told her to “MOVE” at a make-up room at Urban Brew Studios.

Kuli told the Magazine that these women are bullying her, “Of course it’s bullying, they are a group of women while I’m in this alone…”

As we shared an opinion, Kuli also does not believe that the Tweets sent from Mbuli’s son Twitter account were from him.

Kuli asserts that she does not want to ruin these women but she’s about the “truth.”

This whole drama affected her job at Kaya FM but she’s not fired at all according to her but took some time off.


“I’ll never recover. People laugh about it now, but I will always be upset by it. Once again, it discrediting who I am and will forever be on Google.” Said Kuli – speaking to the Magazine.

Source: heat magazine – issue 469.


By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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