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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Open letter to Kenny Kunene: "You make a blatant lie that you were a “fervent supporter” of President Zuma!"

Dear Mr. Kunene!
This morning we ordinary hard-working South Africans woke up to shocking and yet no so surprising news that you have once again decided to feed into your childish fetish of hogging newspaper headlines and get the social media society going, in awe of yet another stupid gimmick you pulled. This time, many will argue, you have outdone yourself because you decided that you, undoubtedly after a few puffs of wunga (drug) disguised as a cigar, will write an open letter to the President of the Republic.
Ordinarily we should laugh off your attempts to hog headlines like we did before when you decided to feast Sushi on top of naked women as a stunt to market your now closed down ZAR Night Club. When many warned you against this move, many clapped hands for you, pity those who clapped hands for you led you to being a broke, sorry human being who rents a backroom in some white man’s house in Sandton. This was to be the beginning of your journey back to the gutter where you come from, you then decided once again to bombard us with media headlines when one Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend in cold-blood, you decided to “side” with this Oscar who probably doesn't even know who you are, all this to feed your lust for attention.
Just when we thought that was bad, you then decided to appear on television on a show watched by millions of women who suffer daily abuses of unfaithful husbands and men with a string of scantily dressed high school children which you introduced to the nation as your “girlfriends” of course people who have a brain-cell or two could see through you that you barely have one girlfriend since your wife saw you for the nincompoop that you are and divorced you.
Today you decide to write to the head of state trying to impress your long time (equally media addicted) friend, one Julius Malema who also, in his usual strange wet-dreams, decided to start a political party purely based on insults levelled at the President of the ANC and of the Republic. I thought it fit that perhaps, since the President is a busy man, I respond to your hogwash parading as a letter and expose you for the petty hypocrite that you are, a man who is known for nothing other than being a phoney and a clown of note!
In your toilet-paper notes masquerading as a letter to the President, you seem to recall a phrase from one of the historical plays that “The Emperor is naked” by this you accuse the President of being naked and exposed, its quiet funny that someone of your age who takes off his pants daily and exposes his willy to 14 year olds would see another naked man, who is really naked here?
You make a blatant lie that you were a “fervent supporter” of President Zuma during his difficult periods, you further claim that you attended vigils during his court appearances. As a young man who equally attended these vigils, I cannot recall ever seeing you with your sushi there, you further arrogate yourself the status of being a host to some meetings that were discussing the course of the President, when and where was this because in our little knowledge, the only real thing you owned was the ZAR Night Club which opened after the President was elected in Polokwane, unless you want to tell us that you owned a shebeen somewhere and that the course of president Zuma was discussed in those shebeens??
You further have a nerve to call yourself a businessman, which business do you own?? ZAR has crumbled and Gayton McKenzie has left you home and dry, do you perhaps own a spaza shop somewhere in Alexandra??
You speak of the ANC as though you are a member and yet we are to hear your own contribution to the course of our people, the daily suffering of the millions of our people whom the ANC continues to assist through social grants, no fee schooling, free education at FET level and the introduction of Free education at tertiary level. We did not see your contribution when the administration of President Zuma introduced Rural Development, the National health Insurance Scheme and other initiatives.
Through these claimed millions you lied about having, what programs have you developed to assist young people to achieve the greatness that you claim to have? You have consistently poured scorn to the fight against poverty by extravagantly exposing your stolen wealth in the faces of our people.
Your so-called letter to the President can only earn you what you always received in your other stunts as well, a round of applause from those who will plunge you back to the skwatta-kamp you come from, those you think are praising you are actually the ones dragging you down, you remained a failed human being without a shred of morals within, you subscribe to no value system and you are an example of what our children should never aspire to be, you remain a petty thief who was convicted of fraud and your time in jail has made you realize what you were destined for, a man suffering from serious levels of a pendemic called Attention Seeking Disorder.
So instead of writing letters to the President, try to fundraise money to pay your backroom renting before you are thrown out and your clapping hands friends will be nowhere to be seen, try being a father your children can look up to and perhaps you need to strip yourself naked off the clown suit you’ve been wearing for the past few years, only then may we begin to take you seriously.
Sifiso “Tso” Mtsweni
Member of the ANC Youth League George
The views above do not in anyway represent GoXtra News but are those of the concerned writer.

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