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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gossip reloaded! Let’s gossip ladies and GENTS!

Rude Ziyon of Liquideep!
THE PROBLEM with South African Celebrities is that they think they are too famous, while they are broke losers who sometimes come to the level of the very same people they undermine.

To be a celebrity does not mean you are GOD! It means that people are supporting you, they are looking up to you, they celebrate you and that does not mean being a dick-head!

Being a celebrity journalist, I have experienced a lot of cockiness within the Mzansi celebs, at times I wondered how they are going to maintain themselves with such boring attitude?
What can a celebrity offer their supporters:

Respect is very important and when it comes to RESPECT I have to mention that rude Ziyon of Liquideep, that fool once manhandled me at their CD launch this year for asking a question he did not like. “Your music sounds the same, is it corporate identity?” Only to be dragged by that guy in front of people so embarrassing shame, but I did not take it seriously as I was laughing at him.

Apparently Ziyon also snaps with anger when he's drunk! Grow up dude!

Another fellow celebs that turned to groupies are Jaziel Brothers!

NB: Supporters have nothing to lose and you have sponsors to lose, so behave!

Another pretentious girl is the presenter of Live AMP Luthando Shosha, she thinks she’s all that and that, while she’s always dressed as if she’s going to the “Back to the City Hip Hop Festival” – Sis’ You are one of the so-called celebs that are not going to last in the industry with your attitude!

And to the Xhosa celebs: Thandiswa Mazwai, Zonke Dikana, Simphiwe Dana – your egocentric beings are just too much to handle! You ladies need to loosen up shame! They don’t even answer their phones when called for interviews, I mean like really now? Xhosa’s have a problem with their egos shame and it’s not cool!

Another celeb that is so pretentious is DJ Sbu! You always act as if you’re a saint, while you just another human being who behaves like a cat in public! I recall the Sunday Sun article with your underwear out in public and passed out! Come to my level please and stop pretending! You’ve lost it as a DJ and now you make money out of public speaking! You are weak in the game!

By the way, DJ Sbu where’s your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Sizwe Dlomo is doing well – a businessman indeed, but I sing this song for him, “You so gay but you don’t even like boys…”

DJ Cleo used to be the ish! And now he does not clearly see which cards to place where! The likes of DJ Black Coffee are slowly showing him the exit door! Shame dodo you need to come up with another plan.

Another attention seeking so-called celeb is Ntsiki Mazwai, whatever she says does not get the attention she requires! Does she have a boyfriend though? Just asking, seems like another lonely soul, whose married to Twitter and Facebook! I recall my friend, “You need to get laid…”

Is Brikz back on the allegations of drugs? He’s with Kalawa now, and is about to have proper food on his table once again.

Are the rumors that Maleh never paid all producers on her last album true? Is it true that she went to Durban with one of the producers (she allegedly dated) went to hide?

Mini and Lunga Tshabalala your Durban folks are complaining that you think you bigger now and you ignore them! Why? Lunga people that are close to you are really tired because when you’re out you make everything about you!

IS MJ of Generations really hitting both ways? I am just asking, none attached and no business benefits to it!

Shame Twala recorded a tribute for Tata Nelson Mandela and he did not even get the attention he wanted from the media! LOL! 

Kuli Roberts forgot that she's controversial and she's the first one to run to Magazines when Savita Mbuli tells her where to get off! 

Ntathe Mgosi is back! Catch me next Sunday my kids!

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