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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crowned MR SA first Prince Denies putting his cork screw on someone’s wife

“Sunday Tabloids are brutal comic – they destroy peoples’ lives…” Says Prince charming

Other men's hot wives radar – Zane Maqetuka has once again landed himself in allegations of sleeping with a woman in matrimony. January 29, current year the MR SA crowned first Prince was alleged to have driven his cork under former Generations’ starlet Tina Jaxa (Married), but they both dismissed the disputations as hogwash and “Bullshit” writing.

Last week the ‘Prince’ as seems to be a usual thing was once again accused of sleeping with the customary law wife, Ntomboxolo ‘Ntombs’ Duka. The reports also claim that he bought her flowers and invited each other to "love" seminars. LOVE SEMINARS! 

Speaking with Zane (Introductions done) as the story goes further to investigate all the involved parties.

BR: Seems like you don’t stay out of newspapers?

Zane: Mduduzi killed me Man! Big Time! The Dude does not even know the smell of my soul! But again the husband of my X came straight into the lion’s den by taking her previous relationship pictures to tabloids vulture(s) not knowing that it was a bad move of him. Because he thought that he wanted to punish a guy who has moved on with his life long time ago and what he needed to do was to sort out the differences with his wife. Now he looks like a fool in the eyes of the nation. Just one thing I hate the Sunday tabloids want to create an image of me that says that the Mr SA Prince battles to keep his pants up. And those guys style of writing is so brutal comic, laugh at their stories even though they hurt and destroy lives right now I am dumped because of that story even though I will be back with my girlfriend once she cools off.

BR: But Zane if you clearly look at this, it is the second time you being alleged to have shag someone’s wife? Really, what will people and your sponsors say?

Zane: I spoke with them they are cool my man and I know even my girlfriend says the same thing but it was so unfortunate that these things happen now when I start to be in public domain, I mean last year no one cared about who Zane was and now all of a sudden I am surrounded with daggers (breadknife) that are waiting for even a little sneeze that I do. But In my heart I know I wronged no one! I promote no infidelity at all. I know once I start to fiddle with women (Married) I will hit the down line just like the likes of Zola7.

BR:  How do you compare yourself with Zola? Are you on the road to getting sillier? Honestly tell me about the pictures?

Zane: Lol! I was making an example of someone that went down the line of regression through women I just thought of him…Yes that girl was my girlfriend before she met the guy and those images are also pictures that we took during our holiday when we were still dating, same as some of the content from emails that Mduduzi quoted from. The husband sent to Mduduzi pictures of 2009 when he was in the picture still and Mduduzi never said that those were taken while I was still an item with Ntombs, plus he never even stated some of the quotes like advising her on her BMW payment subject that those emails that husband brought to him were dated 2009.

“He needed R50, 000 from me to get Sunday World paper to stop the publication…”

Before the paper got printed out the husband called me saying that he made a mistake out of anger and confusion and he needed R50 000 from me to get the Sunday World paper to stop the publication (and those according to Ntomboxolo were the costs of the process to get the court interdict), and I was like you’re mad brother, you started this so finish it with your wife. I blame her for keeping our pictures still while we were through!

“I blame the husband for acting so stupid…”

I blame the husband for acting so stupid and burn his wife's name into shame and still claims that he loves her and I am trying to understand still what pushed him to be convinced that we were still an item with her, perhaps she spoke a lot about me when I was crowned? It could be! Because I was never a headache to him till my crowning, as for Mduduzi I have researched him he is notoriously known for brutal humour journalism the guy did not even bother to do a proper investigation at least he could have checked my blog and try to get to speak with me or something and not make a toxic story out of something he has no in-depth of.

BR: Will you please forward me the dated emails?

Zane: I just got confirmation that she still has the pictures still, today I spent the entire day on my personal computer (PC) looking for the emails and I have indeed destroyed everything that had to do with her when we broke up.

Taking the story further – my next person to call was Ntomboxolo Duka. She’s the one alleged to be having a present affair with MR SA first ‘Prince’.

BR: Hi Ntomboxolo, you’re speaking with Buchule Raba from GoXtra News. And I am calling regarding the story on last Sunday’s newspaper. I just spoke with Zane and he says the affair was in 2009, so I want to confirm that from you, is it so?

Ntomboxolo: Yes I hear you, I spoke with Zane and he also wants to speak with my husband to clear the matter. But my husband is another person – not in a bad way but he’s very short-tempered and gets angry quickly. And this matter is very sensitive for now that’s why I am no longer staying in our house.
BR: Since this thing happened in “2009”, what do you think compelled your husband to take it to the newspaper(s) now?

Ntomboxolo: Yes, he spoke about it, he told me, he said, he was angry. He wanted to destroy Zane because he felt jealous, insecure and ran to the papers. Because what he did he came back and apologised. He sent me a message which I have record of when he was saying that he’s sorry for what he did and he was not thinking. Even if you can go to my Facebook he posted on my wall that my wife and I want to put it on record that the paper has written the whole thing wrong and those are old photographs.

“My wife and I would like to place on record that the media has written untrue and unfounded statements of defamation, full of ill-will to destroy our lives. The pictures placed were taken way before we met. The statements are also consistently untrue.” As written on her Facebook wall.

BR: The emails he sent to the paper, do you still have the records?

Ntomboxolo: I don’t have the records because I did not think and when the newspaper came out on Sunday last week and I told him to delete my past information and we cleaned all that was left. But then again I thought how this will be confirmed as we deleted the records. But I have the pictures dating back 2009 and I met my husband in August 2010.

 “An e-mail from Maqetuka to Duka, sent on May 12 2010, read: "I am not sure what happened but if you are busy it’s ok then.” As reported by the Sunday newspaper.

Ntomboxolo (Continues): The above email sets it clear that this is all in the past and May 2010 I was not dating my husband. So I am not sure what does the email want in the newspaper. Where’s information that says I did something wrong now – while I am with my husband? There’s none, all they are speaking about is my past, which they have turned to my present.

The paper also reported that, “In another one, interestingly, she invited him to a seminar titled "How deep is your love: A seminar on how to break relationship addiction" where an expert was going to talk about how to handle attachment in relationships. The seminar was set for Maponya Mall in Soweto on May 15 this year.”

Ntomboxolo (Dismisses the seminar as lies): I sent Zane the email on May 2010 and told him that there’s such a seminar so if he will be around Johannesburg he can come and then we can attend that seminar. Unfortunately it is not something of this year. To tell you I and my husband sat down and analysed the story and we both saw the lies that are written there. When I was reading the story I asked myself how the journalist can write that I am promoted at work while I am not.

“The story has opened more problems”

Ntomboxolo also mentioned that she’s being investigated at work due to the information that was mentioned to have been transferred to her new laptop. The investigation was led by what she told us that earlier this year both she and the husband were involved in a house robbery where their laptops were stolen including her work laptop. Now the company is arguing that the laptop was never stolen due to what was reported in the paper. She confirmed that the robbery did take place.

“My husband got pissed off when he saw my personal folder and he kept quiet”

In shock, “He saw the photos last year and he kept quiet, knowing that he is in possession of my past photos, all of a sudden May 2012 he decides to go to the newspaper knowing that the information is old.”

“I gave myself strength to continue, if I am not going to work people will think I did this…”

“I don’t want to lie to you I am stressed, I want nothing and all I am going to do is to sue for defamation of character. I had a very difficult experience; I had to face people thinking that I am a cheater. I am a mother, a sister and I am a manager at work and I must face my subordinates looking at me this way.”

“The photos of our children in that link were stolen from framed pictures”

Now that both the couple claim the photos were stolen and the husband to GXN that the pictures were stolen in their sitting room while he and the wife were still upstairs talking and he said, “When we came down it was like nothing had happened…”

“The husband asked not to be named.”  Once again another stumbling block, the husband asked not to be named but funny he is pictured on the article, so what exactly is the identity being protected for.

“There was a communication between myself and Zane…”

Speaking Ntomboxolo, she agreed to have had a communication with Zane and she contacted him because her baby appeared on a local baby magazine called ‘Your Baby’ and the reason for the communication was to ask Zane to help her elevate the baby in the modelling industry by referring her to relevant agencies.  

As I investigated the matter further my duty was not to leave any stone un-turned and my next person to call was the husband who will remain anonymous as the ‘Husband’.

BR (Introductions done): Are the emails you sent to the paper dated back in 2009 or they are new?

“They did not ask for permission to publish the pictures of my kids…”

Husband: I am not comfortable in engaging in this conversation via the telephone and I have my attorney handling the matter at the moment. We are talking about a case of defamation because we did not give them rights to photographs of our kids. They did not even ask for permission.

BR: Personally what made you decide to take the story to the paper?

Husband: Okay, the reason I gave the story to the paper was because of this is not the first time that this Zane has done something like this so I thought people in the public especially models they think they can do whatever they want. But there are also various reasons that I discussed with my wife why I took the matter to the papers.

“She agreed that there was an affair…”

Husband: She did agree there was an affair happening. But there are emails and BBM messages that continued while we are together in a relationship and I already paid ‘lobola’ (dowry). The emails they sent each other you can see these are “love messages” and that’s when I got curious about it. I also told my wife what I don’t like – she denied having a relationship with Mr Maqetuka. I told myself that I will put this to my past but I saw messages again and told myself that my wife denied that there was a relationship. We did not have a problem until I discovered BBM messages on my wife’s phone. So this means there was a relationship before we met up until now.

He also referenced the story about Zane Maqetuka and Tina Jaxa when they were alleged as having an affair earlier this year.

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