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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Manchester is Blue - Maybe London will join up too in celebration!

We have just witnessed one of the greatest EPL title finale, Manchester United thought have clinched their 20th title, at stoppage time City were trailing QPR 2-1. United have already won their match at Sunderland, so they were the Champions again! But an incredible turnaround occurred, City somehow finds two goals in 2 minutes, as Dzeko headed in a corner, before Segio Aguero won it for the man in Blue, United remained red at Sunderland-City were Champions.

Sunday of everything, tears of joy and pain, Bolton go down at Stock, while City broke their 44 years of pain, United for once have to contain with desolation, QPR courage, after their skipper Button was deservedly sent off won’t go unnoticed, as they survive demotion, despite defeat. Was this the beginning of a new Era in EPL or it’s just one of Blackburn Rovers 1995 stroke of luck? With quality and resources that City has, one can be assured, it’s a new beginning.

We seen Liverpool in the 80’s dominating EPL, followed by United comprehensively! Sharing a stuttering 37 titles between them, with United edging the Reds by just a single Championship. Will City be able to fade off the challenge from United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool and dominate EPL? Only time we can be sure will tell.

It was the weekend for the Blue side of Manchester to celebrate, and this coming weekend, we can, yet again witness another Blue side of England celebrate-but from London this time around. Chelsea will play Bayern Munich in an eagerly waited EUFA Final at Allianz Arena in Munich, on Saturday.  Chelsea have their backs against the wall going to the final, but we seen them showing courage in FA Cup Final when they overcome Andy Carroll inspired Liverpool, when no body gave them a chance.

The Blues will be missing their experienced players, consisting of skipper, John Terry, Ramirez, Meireles and Ivanovic. Good news though is that defenders, Gary Cahill and David Luiz have both shaken their injuries and are ready to rock and roll in Munich. We’ve seen underdogs silencing favourites in this year’s competition, both Chelsea and Bayern did it against Barcelona and Real, maybe Chelsea can draw some inspiration from that as they’re the underdogs, good luck to everybody interested.

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