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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gorilla Films Responds to our column: A threat to a law suit has hit us this morning

 Good day

What happened to courtesy? Why didn't you contact me prior to publishing half baked accusations? If you needed clarity, I was an email away.

Editors Note: Half baked? Wow clearly you don’t see this is a column which is based on opinion and I sent you the link so that you answer my question and you did very well.

As you might know, YouTube serves ads regardless, if you see an ad it doesn't necessarily mean the channel owners makes anything from it, so it’s a pure accusation based on nothing.

Editors Note: Let me laugh at you first, LOL! You mean the ads that appear as clips at the beginning of some music videos on your channel are just served by YouTube? I mean who on earth would allow their content to be cluttered by ads without giving consideration to such? As blonde as I am, I am of the opinion that you’re lying.

Are you aware what kind of revenue is generated from YouTube ads being served? It’s pennies, almost negligible, like if R50 per month on average for a BIG artist. Like R10 per month for others.

Editors Note: Did the element of making money vanish? The fact remains even if you generate a Zimbabwe Dollar per month, well, you’re making money.

Anyway, you might also be privy to the fact that music video budgets have dropped like hot potatoes, so the myth of high rolling directors is purely hogwash, we struggle, and we are pressured to deliver high quality production value, with little to no budget 99% of the time, so the few extra hundred bucks at the end of the month just helps make a living.

Editors Note: Wow indeed you’re admitting that you’re making “few hundred bucks” from uploading these music videos on your channel. So that means if music video budgets dropped you have to make money using the content that you don’t have any copyrights to? Oh well I am too me to fully comprehend you “Sir.”

My channel is in high demand for content, and one of my services include exposure to many viewers daily through YouTube, which I offer for free. Artists beg me to put their videos up immediately after they are approved because they know I have clout on YouTube. and they also put their videos on their own channels simultaneously, and if you look at how many views they get compared to me with the very same video and tags, it’s a huge difference ( see DJ Cleo Facebook for example, look at the video views on my channel verses his, I get like 10 x the views he gets)

Editors Note: Does the above example make any sense to what I am trying to address? Have you explained to the concerned artists and record labels that you’re making “Pennies” and “Few hundred bucks” per month?

This extra little bit I get is for my hard work in marketing them and providing a platform that accelerates their views count. Some artists don’t care about the extra pennies from YouTube, and some have decided to keep their videos on their own channels to generate the pennies themselves (i.e. Black Coffee's stable Soulistic music, notice I don't have any videos I did for Soulistic music? big hitters like Black Coffee, Zakes Bantwini?) and also I am in talks with other artists management about agreements to have non exclusive rights for my channel, and also some artists are starting to take over themselves, which will then be removed from my channel.

Editors Note: Who are “some artists”? I don’t get you? What is a penny compared to the hundred bucks you talking about? Plus these artists are already marketed as soon as they tell their hungry fans that their videos are up on YouTube, so where do you market maybe? America? The talks you’re having with other record label managements, don’t you think you should have considered that first? Have you as the “good guy” advised these labels to open their YouTube accounts?

I would like to point out that your website is LITTERED with Adsense clickable ads, right next to embedded videos from MY YouTube channel, and right next to pictures and articles about "Celebrities" with tags leading traffic to your website on the back of celebrities and myself, which leads people to click ads on YOUR website, generating income. Hmm, might their be some hypocrisy on your side? Are you not guilty of the same thing you accuse and so called "Expose" me of? Well let’s break it down simply: Your website generates extra income form Adsense ads on the backs of celebrities. I have permission to publish my work, see it as a show reel for Gorilla Films, and therefore I am not required to pay royalties. Anyway, anyone can upload a music video to YouTube; there are many copies of the same video floating out there, so why bust my balls when I am actually providing a service to the artists with their blessings? Is it a case of "haters"?

Editors Note: If you look closely at the bold print Justin is admitting guilt. Listen my content is generated originally which means I own copyrights to it unlike you. So I am struggling to comprehend why you are comparing a YouTube account and a publication. Oh well I understand where you’re coming from.

So I request you remove that story you published, it’s not fully researched and unfounded, and to point honestly, you look hypocritical with all your Adsense ads littered around your site.

Editors Note: Let me tell you straight I am not going to remove the column. Plus you may go to any other publication they have Adsense too. Why? Because unlike you, GoXtra News generates the content therefore copyright belongs within the publication. We tag who we write about so that people can find the necessary information about them.

I could look into "deformation of character" but I'm actually a peaceful guy, and don't like to have friction with anybody. My track record is clean, and I have serviced the industry for 12 years now with honour, dignity, and little to no impeachment. My client’s love my mild manner, loyalty and dedication to making the industry as close to international standards as possible.

Editors Note: “Defamation of character”? I think you should really seek legal advice before you accuse me of defaming you. This is pure opinion and it is subject to corrections. You’ll be wasting the money you claim not to have should you go to court and it will mean the very opposite that you actually have these “Pennies.” I respect the fact that you’ve been servicing the industry for 12 years and my felicitations are in order. A word to consider, please go read about defamation of character and facts vs. Opinion, I promise you’ll learn a lot and also read in your case about copyrights related to content usage that does not belong to you.

In closing, I merely and kindly ask you remove the "deformation of character" story, and kindly consider what I have written in this letter. I’m not the bad guy, or the villain you making me out to be.

Editors Note of closing: I fully comprehend what you’ve written above and I know from meeting you during shoots that you’re a very humble guy. Once again I am not going to remove the column. In case you did not know, a news story is based on facts and a news column is based on opinion so I beg to differ…

From the understanding of how to use quotation "" marks, you've quoted "Defamation of Character" from the start to the end of your reply, which actually means the very opposite meaning for the fact that you've quoted it... You in simply words telling me that I am not defaming you which is true.



Gorilla Films

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