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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Generations’ Thato Molamu refuses a picture claiming his mother is dying at home

Mpumalanga - Friday at the pre party of the 60s in Nelspruit we saw the Generations’ pin-up Thato Molamu aka Nicholas refused to take a picture with us and other related media. He came across as a stuck up guy who thinks the media operates in a tin of fish and using the same values and policies in publishing celebrity pictures.

He claimed that the media turn things around and what if a girl appears in the picture, what’s next? “I don’t want to take any pictures, no my man,” he said. I tried to explain to him how we at GoXtra News work, did that work? No, he continued, [Misquote: Thato's mother is well at home and he was just not willing to take a picture with us in a place with external brands that could earn promotion using his image]  “My mother is dying at home and you want to take a picture of me,” he made sure that we are not going to get the picture at all, “If you want to take a picture of me illegally then you can do that.” By the way we don't take pictures without a person's approval unless we are doing paparazzi.

I really don’t know what is this guy cautious about, I mean for like really? I was like, OMG here bombs Akhona’s boyfriend (on soapie). My question though, if your mother is dying at home what are you doing in a party? Why are you having fun? Why are you not home supporting?

Honestly it was just a lame excuse so that I sympathize with him, in my understanding you can’t be in such places if your dearest mother is dying at home. Anyway he's also a comedian, so maybe he was pulling some kind of a sick joke...

He can refuse the picture but he will never be able to hide from the media forever…

By @BuchuleB

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