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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The most adrenaline driving event in Mzansi is here - Feather Awards

So yesterday night we headed to the Feather Awards nominee announcement party, held in Sandton. Well, let’s first deal with the vital details, it’s been a great and fabulous four years since the Feather Awards arrived on the scene, resplendent in the so well pink feathers, glitter and sequins. The awards are said to have changed the Joburg entertainment scene into something it has never been before, we agree!

The Feathers are described as South Africa’s cheekiest and most audacious awards ceremony, a celebration of public icons, in the following fields, entertainment, sports and business, that of course the gay community finds inspiring, amusing, or just plain scandalous.

The Feathers are renowned its take no prisoners, tell it like is kind of an approach, the awards consistently deliver an evening of hilarity, heartfelt tributes, and unpolitically correct, yet well placed truth telling. Being at the nominee announcement yesterday delivered some awesome news, yes, an exciting development, in their history, for the first time, the event will be screened on SABC 1 – taking the event to the millions of viewers of the welfare channel. The 7th of November will mark another great day in SA as the awards will shape place.

“It feels amazing to have actually reached 4 years of the Feathers! The ceremony has been so well-embraced, and supported across the board," says awards founder and co-producer Thami Kotlolo  “The Feathers are now a firm part of the Mzansi entertainment scene – and more importantly, have created a platform for sexual minorities to express themselves about the lighter side of life. We deal with so many heavy and serious issues as gays and lesbians in South Africa – this is just one night where we kick back be fabulous,  and give a ‘Cheers, darling!’ to people who inspire us!”

The nominee announcement party, shared some light that, actually, the gay community does respect people for who they are - as much as they go through some life-risking situations, it's time that people adopt another approach towards gay people.

Now, well, LOL! Let's dish out our observations of last night - the event was well planned, we saw no randoms, the setup was lovely, we got amused by wonderful outfits, we rolled eyes to some hairstyles and outfits, we loved everyone that was there, we saw Amstel and Koyo on top of the chairs, we saw divas of the night, we had all the fun in the world!

A camera groupie of the Night goes to Pearl Thusi...

We have to start with Pearl Thusi of Real Goboza - wow! She was so stunning, loved the hairstyle, forgot to ask who did it. She said she's there for the camera, and she did just that by posing for every flash light, ranging from cell phones to big cameras. 

We also spotted Zikhona Sodlaka fashion assembles was refreshing and her shoes were Amazing. You can tell when someone wanted to show face by the way they are wearing hint: Bubu Mazibuko in her brown attire also spotted Tsholo Maseko and she played it cute with poker dot skirt. (Sorry our camera just froze and we were not able to take pictures of them)

OMG - we saw Lerato and Thato Kganyago (Lil' brother) - we have to give it all to Lerato,  she took the best dressed for the night for keeping it light, simple and elegant. Surely, simplicity runs within the family. 

So cute together - we just loved taking pictures of the two siblings above...

Kgomotso Christopher (Isidingo), wow she does not only look stunning on our telly screens. Besides the above, this is what XtraFashion had to say, she arrived late and I should blame her perfect self, the girl is so gorgeous and she makes me hate her for being so perfect. She played it safe for her outfit yesterday. But we not sure about the orange and pink mix masala thing.

Lucia Mthiyane was there because she always gets a nomination every year and I think the black number she was wearing was moaning because this might be her last year being nominated. Wow, it was so nice meeting my once Rhythm City Idol! She's so lovely and fabulous! 

Moving to worthy people Khabonina’s weave saved her this time, we always find her offending the law of fashion but that red number was awesome on her. We loved the charm and calmness... The body structure is to be murdered for!

Hahahahaha! Talking about plain folks, Brenda Ngxoli was so plain I swear I was looking like a million dollars or I guess Albany is not paying well. Or maybe she was hit by Xhosa-Nostra! 

Allegro was so beautiful, though she first questioned the fact that we wanted to take her picture. She owns an online Magazine and does not publish your press release if you did not attach an invite to your event... She was also some kind of a groupie taking pictures with Zenande Mfenyana (Noluntu on Generations), as if she suspected somehow, "She's my friend..."

Jay Anstey was so sassy and loved her from top to bottom and not the other way around! Just loved her and her boldness... I must say that Jay Anstey possesses elegance at such a young age.I like the casual outfit and she was so sweet in taking pictures with us.

Whoop - we loved the way Linda was so reserved at first, but anyway the face went bold after some drinks. He, Linda Moeketsi so cute in black and white. He was rolling with some faceless dude and we did not mind about having his picture at all. 

Minnie Dlamini took a risk and I love that she made an effort to make a statement again about her thighs; yes you have perfect thighs now cover them. But the shoes are Killer; the same person who picks shoes for you should be your stylist.

We did not know that having a reality show qualifies you to be a diva, which is what Kelly Khumalo did, acting all Diva like attitude and refusing to take pictures with us. We blame the cheap gold shorts and those wrap around 1997 style of shoes she wore

I feel really sorry for Bujy, always sweating and drunk and at the same time trying to tuck in that bloody stomach of his when he poses for pictures. I nearly forgot about that ridiculous hairstyle – Cut it all of Bujy or borrow Tina’s dirty blond weave. SMH!

The dramatic Amstel poses with Tina who whore stripper heels. Why would you wear that in Sandton? Oh! I forgot Alex is right there in the corner. It was time Prosper's Tina gave us some trauma. The weave was dirty and smelling like wet chicken feathers. Apparently she smashes her car for as long as she's alive! As for Amstel crawling on top of the chairs just for pictures, SHM! 

Tjo! Amstel looked like he was going to kill a cat, the nails though, a cat would not dare to fight him back at all, LOL! Just joking...

Koyo B - we cannot forget Koyo from 3 some who was looking like a groupie as always in his drab outfits.

Mome and Tal-Ass-Mo came drunk and they didn’t mind being snapped in their clown outfits and she was wearing that Lipstick that drives me nuts and makes girls look hungry and cheap, Leave that to Nicki Minaj or broke ass Mbau. 

At least Miza's flu did not make it this time around - last time I saw him at Thandy Matlaila's party he looked like some Alex crook. Anyway he's nominated in the Best Socialite Category.

How can we forget the big dude - Nutty Nyc, he looked so simple as if he was going to some farewell for grade 12 pupil. Anyway loved the dignity within him. 

Thabiso Makhubela of YFM - he looked stunning and simple, not the usual dragging! By the way Thabiso we loved your hairstyle, suits you so well, unlike that one you had before... We also love your show at YFM! 

Somizi - who refused to take a picture with us, wow, drama, but anyway he ended saying yes, hopefully the alcohol did some trick too! At least Somgaga was looking awesome and not the usual drag Bling Bling!

Zenande Mfenyana - she was so amazing - shame, she was so stressed kind of lost her BB but Akhumzi of kept it safe. Of course we don't know how safe it was at all! Love that smile, wow, you rock my angel!

Theo from Boom Shaka was also there - he killed us with the old school Jean to Jean type of a wearer. But reminded us that Jean to Jean is still hot! 

Sive from Spirit Sundae - I know that colour Blocking is done now to death but I could not help but snap Sive who looked so cute in the blocking assemble. I just wish she could have not worn that neck piece because she had lots of accessories already.

Eish! Pearl can be such a bully, don't know whether she was trying to kill the founder and co-producer of the Feathers (Thami Kotlolo) or what (Kidding)? Thami was wearing his cool tekkies and he appeared like a business man who does not care much about clothes but work comes first. But comes the main event, we'll see flames!

The event was so nice and well planned - here are the Nominees -

Feather Awards 2012 – Nominees 

Drama Queen – These are personalities we read about every Sunday over breakfast, their lives revolve around a lot of dramatic behavior and situations. 
Tshidi Tenyane 
Bishop Keith Harrington
Tina Mkwaiwa
Sello Maake ka Ncube 

Best Styled Female – These are the ladies who consistently kept up their style throughout the year.
Jeannie D
Minnie Dlamini
Melinda Bam
Lindiwe Sisulu

Best Styled Male  - The men that have remained stylish throughout the year.
Melusi Yeni
Linda Makhanya
Sbu Leope

Musician of the Year - musicians we love to listen to on,  and off stage.
Toya Delazy
The Muffinz
The Soil 

Fag Hag  - Need we say more??  They never leave their home without their favorite accessories - a gay friend. 
Samkelo Ndlovu
Lucia Mthiyane
Lerato Kganyago
Bonang Matheba

Cutest Couple  - These are couples people adore and look up to.
Momo & Tall Ass Mo
Khanyi Mbau & Tebogo Lerole
Sphectacula & Naves
DJ Fresh & Euphonik

Diva Extraordinaire - These women always carry themselves well, and have a strong & dignified presence. 
Lindiwe Sisulu
Lindiwe Mazibuko
Khanyi Dhlomo
Michelle Botes

Socialite of the Year - Seen at every event! Whether it’s the opening of an envelope or an erection of a stop sign….
Linda Moeketsi & Shekeshe “Shakes” Mokgosi
Kgomotso Christopher
Lerato Kganyago
Miza Modibedi

Sports Personality of the Year - People who have inspired in the world of sports 
Siboniso Gaxa
Katlego Mphela
Chad le Clos
Cameron van der Burgh

Hot Chick of the Year  – these are women who ooze a lot of sex appeal.
Kgomotso Christopher
Gail Nkoane
Melinda Bam
Jay Anstey

Hunk of the Year - These men just ooze that X-factor!  You look at them and you just want a strong hug. 
Lunga Shabalala
Greg Hammond
Warrick “Warras” Scott
Tyrone Keogh 

Role Model of the Year - They never put their foot wrong in the public eye, and can be relied on to contribute positively to society.
Thuli Madonsela
Khanyi Dlhomo
Caster Semenya
Chad le Clos | Facebook: Feather Awards | Twitter - @FeathersSA

By Buchule Raba (Pictures and Intro) & XtraFashion (Fashion Critic) 

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