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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mzantsi Insider's Phila Mazibuko Spotted in Newtown, Johannesburg

We spotted Mzantsi Insider's (SABC 1) Phila Mazibuko in Newtown, Johannesburg. Remember the old say? "Pictures tell a story..." Well, tell your own story because we've illustrated our story below...

Imagine Phila was saying, "Why don't you get closer because I can't really feel you?" and the guy, "Okay lemme get close a bit..." 


The Guy: "I'm I close enough now?" Phila, "Okay let me lean back..."
Phila, "Oh just get in, don't act here, I know you wanna get in now, GEEZ!" The Guy, "LOL hehehe, okay lemme get close baby..." 

Phila, "Show me your back before you get any closer..." Continued, "Wow awesome, now get closer dude!"
The Guy, "Okay lean back I am coming to get you..."

Wow: Getting  closer and closer - higher and higher - hotter and hotter!

Aah Stop don't grab me dude!
Just come already now, hawu yini ngawe?
Bathong! Hee bana! What are they doing now?
Bana ba Jesu! Is this what I think it is? The KISS?

Mhmmmmm! U Rock Phila, that was so wholesome geez dude!
Thanks for the Mc D Chips and Burger, see you babe...

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