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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Editor: What you write on Social Media goes far beyond fun

Buchule Raba (GXN Managing Editor)
"The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning, and does not stop until you get into the office." Robert Frost 

"I am young to such an extent that my primary school time - it was Sub A - then I went to Grades..."
Employers and prospective employers have nowadays with the considerable growth of Social Network(s) like Facebook, Twitter etc gone a step extra in making certain that their potential employees are not just slapstick comedians with no valuable aim in their careers and life randomly. We ought to mull over this article very cautiously as to be very careful what we post on Social Media because it might just thwart you being hired.

As personal as we take social media, does this make our potential employers fair? Is it fair to your employer(s) when you report sick and the next thing you update a status, “I am chilling with the dudes/girls at the bar…” As some of us will claim their right to privacy, honestly your personal and social media right to privacy differs because you’ve made information about yourself accessible on the internet and no one went on to dig on your closet.

The risk of employment is among the dangers of social networks – there’s one vital thing we often forget while having our funniest and craziest moments on social media is that almost anybody can see what we are doing/saying and where we are doing it. To be specific Facebook does update your location and or check in which might also make you vulnerable to stranger(s). While we are busy tagging photos of what we got up to on the weekend and or not limited to using social media on company time it can be easily to forget that someone at work may see and the result could cost your pretty job.

Positioning – it is very important to know that what you update on social media positions the kind of a person you’re and it could give your friends or employer(s) both the negative or positive impression about you. Usually it goes like this, “You’re what you eat…” but I say, “You are what you say/update…” As much as this will read, “I’m not who I am on social media and personally…” At this point with technological advancement it does not matter your point of argument, you must be careful what you say about companies on the world wide web (www). My advice would be, “Don’t tackle it via Social Media but use proper channels to approach such a company and they will surely get back at you…”

Don’t just UPDATE – Think before you post anything on social media, as much as you delete it sometimes, you’ll be surprised that Google still has what you said in 2008. There are tools like Social Mention that enable anyone with access to the internet track what people are saying online about the concerned brand or  a name of a person and surely you don’t want your name appearing saying, “GoXtra News sucks…” and tomorrow you approach GXN for employment.

In conclusion – I would really like to urge everyone to be careful about what they update on Social Media because it can be your detriment to potential and current employers.

I thank all the persons who have supported GoXtra News

I relish

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