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Monday, March 12, 2012

Controversy: Trevor Noah Runs for a hide - Stories you might have missed over the weekend

Fear drove Noah to Hollywood

One of the reasons Trevor Noah left South Africa for the bright lights of Hollywood was because his stepfather wanted to kill him. Read More on the City Press


Ntathe: Run as far as you can Trevor and never come back. Though I lol(ed) when I saw this thinking about your crazy and witty jokes...

Actor arrested after fight with son

Actor Michael Madsen, known for roles in films such as "Thelma & Louise", was arrested for child cruelty after getting into a fight with his teenage son, authorities said on Saturday. Read More on the Sowetan

Ntathe: Hahahahaha oh Gosh, child cruelty? Mara why? How can you get in a smash and grab with your dearest son? That's pure madness I must say... 

LOL! Celebrities GOSH...

I don’t know how Whitney got in a tub

Whitney Houston's sister Pat is throwing more fuel on the fire for those people who think Whitney may have been murdered, saying she does not know how Whitney ended up in the bathtub of her hotel room on the night she died. Read More on TMZ

Ntathe: Really? How does a person get in a bath-tab? Does it come to you? Only Whitney and her God knows how she ended up there... RIP Whitney... 

On the news - in the making

Rapper Coolio has been arrested in Las Vegas on a warrant charging him with failure to appear in court on a traffic ticket almost two years ago. Police Officer Laura Meltzer says he was a passenger in a vehicle officers stopped about 2:20 a.m. Friday several blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip. No one else in the car was arrested. Read More on The New Age

Ntathe: LOL drama 2 years ago? Honestly this means you can run but you can't hide. The law will always catch up with you no matter what... Oops sorry go face it like a man.

Pay your fines my brother

Julius Malema bullsh**s the ANC

He's been politically incorrect since 2009 - 2012

LOL Remember when he called DA Leader Helen a dancing monkey?

Another awesome story that entertained many South Africans during the weekend was Expelled Julius Malema’s snake poison directed to the leading party “leaders.” It makes one happy to see that the same Malema who was amongst those who recalled former President Thabo Mbeki is wearing his T-shirt today. LOL! Seems like Juju dag his own political grave...

By Ntathe Mgozi
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