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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Theme for the 2012 Vodacom Durban July has been announced

Image: Vodacom Durban July 2012
With only 112 days to go until the 2012 Vodacom Durban July the 2012 theme have been announced and guess what?

A material world?

  • Seven billion people, the latest count.
  • Concern for the planet, the energies mount.
  • This event is red, that’s for sure.
  • But support for green, is part of the cure.
  • Spare a thought, for Mother Earth.
  • Need to save her, for all we’re worth.
  • Sustainably harvested, natural, and organic.
  • Alternative fibres, no time for panic.
  • All these words, what do they mean?
  • For a start, change your routine.
  • Reduce, respect, and reconstruct, ‘My Dear’.
  • Recycle, repair, and rethink, ‘Monsieur’.
  • Show support, through what you wear.
  • Or what it’s made of, concern with flair.
  • Glitz and sparkle, are definitely in.
  • The overall impression is what will win.
  • So for this day - Love red! Think green.
  • Your earth-friendly ensemble, will steal the scene!

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