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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: Eight Days in September by Frank Chikane - Sold Out

Frank Chikane was Former President Thabo Mbeki’s director-general. He then authored a book titled, Eight Days in September. In the book he wrote about the many activities that took place before and during the removal of the former head of state. The book is one of the best informative books ever published in South Africa as it gives us the realness of what happened to such an extent that Mbeki was removed or rather the plot against Mbeki.

"There was no point in beating a dead snake" President Jacob Zuma

“DEPUTY President Kgalema Motlanthe, then-secretary-general of the ANC, first came to government in July 2008 as an unwilling minister without portfolio in the presidency. He was selected by the post-Polokwane leadership to take care of their interests because some deeply distrusted Thabo Mbeki. For them, Mbeki should have been removed as president immediately after Polokwane. There was no clear indication of what these interests were. The reality is that Polokwane did not radically change the policies of the ANC relating to governance issues. The traditional ANC language of “change and continuity” was used at the Polokwane conference to indicate that the overall thrust of the policy was unaltered. The only changes related to aspects that would enable the government to better achieve the broad objective of the ANC, which was to better the lives of the people.”

Complete excerpt: The Sunday Independent

“Although the exercise was useful, enabling us to prepare ourselves for any eventuality, it was also both theoretical and speculative. We had to wait for the NEC (national executive committee) to make its decision before we could determine the implications. Uppermost in our minds was the commitment to maintain stability in the country, whatever the outcome of the NEC meeting. President Mbeki had made this very clear. His attitude was based on two hallmarks of ANC policy and Mbeki’s presidency.”

“It was after midnight of Friday, 19 September 2008 – to be precise, just before 1.00 a.m. on Saturday – when the first text messages began to come through: ‘the NEC has decided to recall Mbeki as president of the country’. Another said that ANC officials had been appointed to visit Mbeki immediately, that night, to inform him of the NEC decision. Other text messages kept coming from NEC members in Esselen Park celebrating that they had won and that Mbeki was to be removed or else expressing concern over the consequences of the NEC decision.”

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