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Friday, March 16, 2012

Once Popular Radio Dj Casey Mthobeli August might come back online - Rumours about radio too

Once Popular - Might venture on online TV

Casey Mthobeli August was the top Umhlobo Wenene radio dj that was released on radio years ago. He spoke his mind, he made ever-lasting jokes that still kills the nation even today. He's very popular on Facebook and you would swear that he's still speaking on air by just imagining  his once on air voice. The question: Is Mthobeli coming back on the entertainment industry? There are rumours that he might also be going back on radio, Monday so let's wait and see...

"You have my number, you know where to get me..." Said Casey

                The Excitement

Our Managing Editor MR Buchule Raba confirmed today that he spoke with Mthobeli in a request for an interview as to find out how is he doing, "Casey is doing very well and he told me that he's busy at the gym," continued Raba, "He said he's coming from home (Eastern Cape) and he needs to sort out some few things before we may go ahead with the interview..." said the excited Raba.

Raba also told us that besides the interview he's going to propose Mthobeli for an online TV show that is going to air on GoTv Channel should their meeting go well as planned. "Mthobeli was very keen and I am also willing to work with him..." Concluded Buchule Raba (Managing editor GoXtra News).

Mthobeli was very excited when speaking with our editor, so was our editor who kept on smiling...

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