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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bonang Matheba ® is now a registered trade mark - Be careful how you use her name

Past, present, future…Whichever way you look at it the highly energetic and indefatigable Bonang Matheba is greatness defined.  Ask any one of the 7 million weekly viewers of Live, her legions of Y FM listeners, her over 170 000 Twitter followers and over 220 000 adoring Facebook fans; this 24 year old dynamo is easy to love and hard to ignore.  So…welcome to B’s world where the aim is not to hate but to be ignited…are you ready? As quoted on her website.

Bonang Matheba ® In 2008 she launched her own clothing line with Legit called Just B, 2009 she successfully followed that with a mammoth triumph launching her own handbags called Baby Star, mind the “B.” In 2011 she amazed us as the first South African Celebrity to launch her own online television reality show, B* Dazzled and the rest including haters followed her.

Now this year Bonang Matheba  is a registered trade mark which means whoever uses her name for marketing purposes without proper arrangements and considerations will get at the wrong side of the law. Her name is now protected under the trade mark(s) act 194 of 1993. What is a trade mark? "A mark used or proposed to be used by a person in relation to goods or services for the purpose of distinguishing the goods or services in relation to which the mark is used or proposed to be used from the same kind of goods or services connected in the course of trade with any other person"

She Tweeted
This is a learning curve to all South Africans Celebrities to highly take their craft as business and Matheba has so far managed to leverage or cash in using her name that has become a huge success as a registered trade mark. She thinks highly out of the box and that’s what it really means to be in her world, “B’s World…” Being youthful and yet successful is purely defined by your cleverness and what you surround yourself with – including how you position yourself in the public eye.

Big ups to B girl and we trust that her number of learners will grow not only from her fans but enemies/haters too. Felicitations B and we wish you all the best of lady luck you might get in your future business endeavours.

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By GoXtra News's Buchule Raba

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