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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zoopy TV presenter Phil Mphela denies the deep kiss!

We hide at no one because we send you the link!
A DEEP kiss goes to Zoopy presenter Phil Mphela and Themba Radebe from Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa. What do you think?

Phil Mphela work(s/ed) for the famous Bonang Matheba Entertainment as a researcher

"That's nonsense. I don't know any Themba Radebe. Tell that writer someone was playing with him, I don't know anyone in Hatfield." said Phil Mphela.

Mphela told the Entertainment-Home that's complete nonsense and to give credence to that would be a waste of his time.

The Entertainment-Home can reveal today that according to Phil Mphela this is just another "fame hungry fag full of BS! (Bullshit)" 

Regardless this kiss fusion Phil told us that this year is about big opportunities for him and that's his main focus.

About Phil Mphela

Born in Brits and raised in Moruleng, North West province of South Africa, Phil Mphela is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he opinionated, he has proven to be smart and articulate in a manner with which he has been able to attract thousands of Internet users around the country and the world with his witty thought provoking articles on celebrity culture and life as a young South African. 

Phil Mphela interviews Bonang Matheba on Zoopy TV.
About Zoopy

Zoopy TV is a platform within Zoopy that broadcasts videos created by Zoopy's content team on topics ranging from news to vox pops interviews, movie reviews, fashion and entertainment.

We encourage our readers to adopt a culture of taking pictures at events and send us to, a lot happens in front of you guys, so please do capture those moments all the times.

Click [here] to read our latest interview with Phil Mphela.

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