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Thursday, November 8, 2012

GoXtra News Exclusive - Rolling With Kelly Khumalo The Real Reality Show

In the light of my opinion: Kelly Khumalo is the worst drunkard ever!

So yesterday I rolled with Kelly Khumalo at the Feather Awards, I mean the real reality show. They were held at The Venue in Melrose Arch.

So I met Kelly Khumalo and she was with Lucia Mthiyane (who appeared drunk looking for her purse, by the way she also fell down the floor and none happened to her glass) and her sister Zandi tagging with this other faceless guy who ended up dragging her to her car and drove her and Sister home.

The way Kelly was so drunk, shouting the 'F' word and kicking like a cow; wow, how I thought I was being judgmental of this poor woman. She really did not want to get into the car as she shouted, ‘I swear you’ll not get me in the car…” While her sister, who was looking around begged her, “Please get into the car…”

Let me remind you once again, Kelly Khumalo is so fake from china, the so called reality show is just a stunt to make her appear like a saint and get her into the public's good books. And you all believed she has changed? She needs a second chance? I did not believe that whack! (Click Read More for Video)

So outside of the venue she went to these look alike groupie girls, oh poor nanas, and told them to delete her picture they took while she's waiting and she does not like them. If her bossy means were met I don't know, but she waited while they were busy with the camera.

Soon after appearing like her demands were met, the poor guy had to drag her like a stingy horse who does not want to race down the stairs to the parking lot, where her hammer hammer packed! One of the ladies confirmed as I followed them to the parking lot, “She’s so mean, she told us to delete her picture…” Now what does this say about her and Jub Jub fights, if a guy bigger like that can struggle to drag her into the car?

So I followed, of course being the Paparazzi I am. I managed to sneak a shot video clip, while the guy is busy dragging her into her Hammer. The poor dude struggled shame, because the drunk cow was spreading her feet to avoid getting into the vehicle, shouting the 'F' word.

I swear if that was alcohol, well, then booze can make one look like some heavy drug user. Her hair was so untidy, wearing a cheap gold skirt from China Town.

I am not trying to be mean but I despise fake people, people that fool the public in order to make a living.

To be frank, I was not disappointed at all because I said this and I'll say it again and again! Kelly Khumalo is a fake who tries to act so holy in the cost of the public eye.

Trust me you don't need to watch that stupid reality show of hers, she's trying to much on telly but failing to adhere to that standard in reality.

I personally think the so called reality will put pressure on Kelly Khumalo because she's trying to live this Magazine life that she can't really maintain in public. The show must be thrown into hell's debris bin I don't watch that lame Ekasi stories, why should you?

If it was a reality, well, why were the cameras not following her at that stage? See? I told you that she appears like some liar of some sort and yesterday paved the way to prove all in Heaven's sake. Apparently last weekend she was also spotted in the Bloemfontein same old stew! I beg to differ!

Kelly I don't hate you my dear but stop being a FAKE! Thanks God I saw your reality last night.
Guys I would love to hear your comments, so please leave them below the comment box for me – love you all and trust me yet is still to come… If you did not read my first column about Kelly Khumalo click here

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB

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