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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Pink carpet, the drama, stylishness, cheekiness as the Feather Awards continues to shine

Wednesday night we attended the 4th celebration of the Feather Awards, as we graced the venue we were welcomed with warm beverages, of course, I mean drinks that keep you warm and hyper, not your granny’s coffee. Anyway, let’s get to the point…

First things first, the Feathers were well organized, but I did not like the space they dedicated to photographers and Videographers, it was so boring that we had to squeeze and be squeezed like lemons in order to take pictures. I was really not awesome, because I hate taking ugly pictures of people. 

Shame, Tina and Prosper were also there, her in a wheelchair and being dramatic as usual and Prosperito on crunches. The lovely thing about Tina, she told us if she does not like you, she tells you now, in a way we were in commemoration of Kabelo’s once hit song, ‘It’s either you love me or you leave me alone.”

Thami loves his All Star, by the way he's the founder of the Awards.
The night was hosted by the ‘dramatic trio of Lerato ‘Leratolicios’ Sengadi, Bujy and Madame Gigi (Somizi’s alter ego), a word, though they were audible enough, the audience cared less. Nomakula ‘Kuli’ Roberts was also on stage as some trophy delivery girl heaven sent, she changed outfits like nobody’s business. Oh by the way, DJ Zinhle’s club hit ‘My Name Is’ was reworked as a female-only performance that paid tribute to South African Lesbians who’ve been subjected to the horrifying scourge of ‘corrective rape,’ which is something that South Africans need to learn that you cannot rape someone claiming to change them; this is something they feel and comfortable with. 

Before the drag Queens’ closing time, wow! The evening was touched with a medley of ‘gay anthems’ performed by five divas and divas’ in-training namely – “I’ll Will Survive” by Cabaret queen and ‘Fag Hang of the Year’ co-winner Licia Mthiyane, ‘I’m Coming Out’ tjo! By Caroline Borole, ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’ performed by Tina and Prosper, oops my bad, by Wanda Baloyi, ‘Queen of the Night’ was delivered greatly by Kelly Khumalo and as a twist on Lady Gaga’s self acceptance anthem, ‘Born This Gay’ performed by Afro-jazz supremo Nukukhanya Dlamini. The word of truth the audience enjoyed them but not more than Somizi who appeared like his mother’s twin sister, in a huge curtain dress and well done drag hairstyle. 

The Xhosa population celebrity Casey Mthobeli August of Umhlobo Wenene FM was also there with his drag-controversial outfit(s). Shame he was so late, surely he thought it was a Mtata (Eastern Cape) event for some screams! Shame, this is Jozi and no one is going to jump on you!

Shame whoever the O something designed Zikhona Sodlaka's McFlurry only heard the word 'Feather' and went with it, I mean really? She looked like some ostrich...

Stylish as usual, the King of Sushi also graced the awards, though he did not make the grand entrance hopefully he came late for.

Bujy is so extra large but that does not deter him from doing great things in a bid to entertain the masses, his high self-esteem and body-acceptance is so overwhelming. His performance was a demonstration that as much as I am this extra large, I am so capable of delivering a sizzling performance that electrified the evening, thanks Bujy love, though that audience did not give thumbs up, at least I did; wished I could lend you my Speedy look alike towel.

Geez! Koyo Bala everywhere he sees me he sees an opportunity for a picture, such a drama queen. He's nice though, did not mind taking his pictures, remember we no longer use film, so delete is commanded digitally...

Linda Moeketsi, I thought I was dreaming when I saw him in love with a pop bottle, *claps once* he looked stunning compared to the announcement party...

Ausi Lucia Mthiyane - lovely dress, at least you won this year and I trust it is your first and last time.

Madame Gigi took us into tears with laughter as he performed a self-composed Zahara song, the song mainly took us back to the time that Zahara was in the papers about being broke and a maid for the Nciza’s, also implied that she’s a millionaire but yet a maid.

Everyone please die and go to Heaven the gates are open, Camagwini was wearing the chains of heaven...

DJ Sphectacula - always simple and humble!

Her name is gone for now - but she's from Muvhango... Reason for her picture is because she was boasting that she does not speak with 'random people' like really? Duh! She looks like she was an uninvited guest though!

Not to be outdone, the drag queens were out in full effect to deliver a rousing closing performance, celebrating the incredible strides that the South African gay community has made -  all topped off by Somizi Mhlongo’s alter ego, Madame Gigi – who performed her final public appearance at the event. Thank you Somgaga the performance was so great, and of course that Zahara composition would actually make a national hit!

As Madame Gigi’s usual self-asserted drama, she wonderfully took on stage a musical version of the highly anticipated category that wasn’t ‘We Think You Gay and it’s ok’ – playfully referencing DJ’s Cleo, DJ Miza and DJ Zinhle, though he forgot to add Sizwe Dhlomo to the ‘We think you Gay and it’s ok.’ 

That was the stylish closing with the drag queens that were out in full effect to deliver a rousing closing performance, apparently they were celebrating strides that South African gay community has made. Thank to the Feathers and Dreamcatcher for inviting us, it was indeed so worth it. Can’t wait for next year’s 5th celebrations. By the way they will be screened by the SABC, we’ll alert you as soon as we are informed.

By Staff Reporter | Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

Feather Awards 2012 – Winners

Drama Queen – These are personalities we read about every Sunday over breakfast, their lives revolve around a lot of dramatic behavior and situations.
Tina Mkwaiwa

Best Styled Female – These are the ladies who consistently kept up their style throughout the year.
Minnie Dlamini

Best Styled Male  - The men that have remained stylish throughout the year.
Linda Makhanya

Musician of the Year - musicians we love to listen to on,  and off stage.
The Muffinz

Fag Hag  - Need we say more??  They never leave their home without their favorite accessories - a gay friend.
Lucia Mthiyane  & Bonang Matheba  (this award was a draw)

Cutest Couple  - These are couples people adore and look up to.
Sphectacula & Naves

Diva Extraordinaire - These women always carry themselves well, and have a strong & dignified presence.
Lindiwe Sisulu

Socialite of the Year - Seen at every event! Whether it’s the opening of an envelope or an erection of a stop sign….
Linda Moeketsi & Shekeshe “Shakes” Mokgosi

Sports Personality of the Year - People who have inspired in the world of sports
 Chad le Clos

Hot Chick of the Year  – these are women who ooze a lot of sex appeal.
Gail Nkoane

Hunk of the Year - These men just ooze that X-factor!  You look at them and you just want a strong hug.
Lunga Shabalala

Role Model of the Year - They never put their foot wrong in the public eye, and can be relied on to contribute positively to society.
Khanyi Dlhomo

Feather of the Year – An individual who has played an important role in creating a positive and inspiring image of sexual minorities in South Africa.
Bev Ditsie

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