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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blazing new Afro Tribal Hip Hop star is Fresh

Blazey Fresh a raw Limpopo product releases a brand new single ahead of his forthcoming album dedicated to his late Dad. He is the latest news in the Hip Hop scene with a clean fresh look, charming smile and a blazing sound to go with. Blazey Fresh matches on with the same beats as Selaelo Selota and Salif Keita with a Hip Hop tip and a modern edgy street kick. Note his latest offering titled “Moshito” which simply translates to “rhythm”.

His early infant footsteps were experienced by his late Father and the single depicts Blazey Fresh past, present and future life experiences through music and rhythm thus the Moshito dub. The song features another Kwathole Production child Maqwathini (Anga Nomyayi) from the Eastern Cape-Lady Frere in a small village of Rwantsana who is also new in the music scene

Simply said, Blazey Fresh means a hit that is Fresh and yet on. Blazey’s Music Video hits the streets early next year in conjunction with a 16-track album release. Blazey Fresh will shoot part of the music Video in Cape Town at the Polo and Wine Estate, including some parts of Durban and Drakensburg Mountains just to give it that feel.

“I am music and I love the sound am doing. Zola of Zola seven is more relevant and African, he inspired me a lot to adapt and it was possible to be who I am as he showed to many that you can make it. This means your background doesn’t determine your success. My music is about what’s happening around me and around my people. I have a belonging and am representing my people through my music.   South Africans receive my sound with Love,” echoes Blazey Fresh

Moshito is a Pedi word, which means ‘Rhythm’ or a simple overwhelming noise of excitement. In the song Blazey advises one to be proud, loud and shout for what they are. His songs are self-penned, produced by Chima from Nigeria with other music directors on production. Fresh Hip Hop with local African sound building and introducing Afro Tribal Hip Hop explains Blazey’s musical offering in simple terms. In actual fact one can relate his sound to a home-brewed tribal Hip Hop with a familiar appeal to the African soil. Tribal Hip Hop will be a trend that has great local beats and Blazey is glad to be part of the history making.  According to Blazey this is a lifetime moment money cannot buy.

Blazey is looking ahead to the sound and the music as the new addition in the industry that is fast changing. Young Blazey is willing to travel but first in Africa. He takes his hat off to local musical products like Speedy, Malian singer Salif Keita and many Limpopo artists who are purpose driven. According to Blazey the road to stardom is a journey with trials. Kwathole Productions - Lifestyle, Publicity and artist Management Company welcomes Blazey Fresh in the music scene.  

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