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Monday, November 5, 2012

Rolling With Kelly Khumalo: I don’t see the point why etv repeats Ekasi stories on Sundays

Mickey-mouse was just that Mickey-mouse... so there was nothing real about MM!

Not since Dineo’s Diary on Vuzu (and let’s face the music, Dineo’s Diary is\was poking and real) have we seen quite this level of whack reality slash scripted book reading by Kelly Khumalo on tv: No doubt(s) she has pulled some pre-school stunts for this so-called reality show which premiers on etv every Sunday, (18:30).

The show features Kelly Khumalo (a recovering drug addict) whom act as an online director, taking us from cheap shots that do not represent any reality at all. “Kelly Khumalo Uncovered” like really? What’s there to uncover? Huh? Besides the repeat of what we read in the papers?  What's there to uncover besides trying to get sympathy from the viewers? I don’t feel any sympathy for someone who knew what they were doing, someone who tried to live according to the influence and standards of the industry.

Check-mate, reality bites you back and you call that a reality show? Read carefully and make it a point that from today onward  you know that you don’t have a reality show but a trash-bin show – you need to take notes from Dineo Ranaka about how real was her reality show. She never tried to portray this God fearing woman, she lived her life for the viewers, she swore in front of her child, well, to give viewers the reality of her day to day life.

Thinus Ferreira might not have liked her reality show (Dineo’s Diary), just because and of course everybody is entitled to their opinion. Her reality show was described as “A shocking amateur trash production, marred by multiple spelling mistakes, erratic camera work and self-indulgent, self-obsessed, egotistical and narcissistic vapid Dineo Ranaka so full of herself that it leaves no room for the viewer to get out of it.”

Re-above description – what are we getting from yours? Fake, hobo, sketch, pre-school book reading and doing so trying to be a holy so-called reality starlet. If you look close enough, your show is like going to the toilet and end up not doing what you went there for because you were turned off by dirt and smell.

Your show is as helpless as Nonhle Thema, you’re faking this for a comeback publicity stunt, through desperation to maybe buy in a new car or something, playing it all innocent and self-indulgent want to be a tycoon in front of cameras. Your show is a mess my dear and I am happy to be the one letting you know this so humble and respecting.

Your life is not interestingly interesting and I don’t know why such gibberish can be turned into a reality show, but at the beginning of the show your drug life was mildly interesting and that could have been just a one night’s Ekasi story featuring you and Jub-Jub as lead actors in drug abuse.

You’re trying too hard, it’s like you’re fetching water with a broken bucket from some Kwa-Zulu Natal soggy -dam.

The show is merely a platform to showcase how Kelly Khumalo is just fake (Including her sister) and trying to be a down to earth woman and an artist who would maybe be a perfect example on how I have recovered from being a self-serving drug addict to a Pastor’s wife. But if acting all holy and trashy is your kind of entertainment, who am I to judge.

Pause – you appear so dumb, unflattering Devil’s wear Prada who will shamelessly walk off the bus and see how long she lasts on a date with a stranger, begging the question: who watches this crap ‘reality’ show?

I don’t really want to dwell more about trash that belongs to the debris-bin – word of humble advice, go ask Dineo Ranaka about the meaning of the word reality and stop faking it for the cameras.

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB

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