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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

She’s been a waterway to the haters – Monday Khanyi Mbau graced our Telly screens

The self proclaimed Queen of Bling #QOB graced our Telly screens last night on Motswako (sabc2), I must say she left some of us with a lot to say about her, she claiming to have changed from her spending ways is more like Khloe Kardashian saying she'll lose weight, which we all know isn't going happen anytime soon! Truth is she has made it big for herself (of course gold-digging career, being a socialite), the Lamborghini, should I say more? Her spending ways have made her talk of the town, she’s been through hell, she’s been a waterway to the haters, she did not give any thumbs for all that. However lately she has been keeping it down (It’s only a poor hope that I have, hope it manifests). 

Of late Lesley Mofokeng (City Press) helped her to take her book public, titled, "Bitch please I'm Khanyi Mbau", I must say the book seems to be very glowing and seems to be interesting to glance at, Mbau seems to be turning into an able entrepreneur. But, I am a bit confused, why is she describing the book as an encyclopedia? Only God knows… The days of being called a gold digger really paid off and are slightly numbered! However the new Nicki Minaj look she's pulling these days is also another question running around our minds and apparently it has annoyed many critics, judging from yesterday’s tweets. I dedicate this to her, “Oh! Girl, Oh! Girl, why can’t you be yourself?” (Our means to obtain yesterday's picture faded, however you may email it to us

Mbau went under the knife (surgery) a couple of times, and this raised a lot of questions about her suffering from low self esteem? Mbau isn't the only South African celebrity that has had plastic surgery, we also face Mshoza (the then Kwaito) who has also bleached herself, what message does this send to the youth? Should we want to look like those perfect people on magazines? What happened to being perfect the way God created you? Mbau will always be the talk of the town!

She’s going to grow old, what did you think of her new look? She’s also internationally-internet known for the nude pictures that once hit the world wide web (www). 

By Thato Kganyago | @Thato_Kganyago | Leave your comments below!

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