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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lifestyle Journo Alek Blak releases debut single

At 24, local Journalist, singer and songwriter Alek Blak (Yamkela Mdaka) has found a way to streamline all his passions. After many years of performing and writing, Alek Blak is finally releasing his debut single "New Day" on Friday, May 26, 2017. "New Day" will be available on iTunes and all other major digital stores.

Having always believed that no one person was born to live for only one passion; Alek is not only a musician but also nurtures a career in Journalism.

He currently works for one of the country's most revered publishing houses Ndalo Media writing for DESTINY Man magazine.

Alek is a self-taught guitarist, pianist, singer and songwriter who groomed himself from the tender age of 16. 

Artists like Lauryn Hill set him on the song writing path and he now writes his own lyrics all inspired by his surroundings, how he sees the world and the special people in his life.

Even as his music career continues to soar, he has always sworn that he will continue to nurture his knack for journalism. "I have two passions – why can't I live them both?" he often says.

Speaking to Alek, he explains New Day's sound as something new, fresh, raw and emotional. 

He wrote the song when he realised that he had been stuck in a storm of negative emotion for a very long time and while it is true that time heals all wounds, it had gotten to a point where he needed to give time a hand and actually contribute to his own emotional recovery."I had to wake up a new person who was no longer bogged down by what I was feeling," Alek says. 

The single will be followed by an EP but more details about this will follow later in the year. This is an exciting time in South Africa's music industry and Alek is taking advantage of the new sound that many more South Africans are starting to embrace. 

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