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Sunday, September 13, 2015

MAZWAI Blasts Newly Elected ANCYL "President".

"Also, are you not turning 35 soon? Interesting because your constitution says youth ends at 35. Are you going to finish your term as an uncle in the youth league? AGAIN, we smell a rat."

To Collen Maine
Initially I was shocked and disturbed by your recent comments about me. However, after much thought, I am amused by you and your style of leadership, or rather, lack thereof.

You have barely been in office 2 weeks and already poop is coming out your mouth. Lol.
A simile is a figure of speech in which two things are compared using the words ‘like’ or ‘as.’

My tweets which you misquoted from tabloids…yes, you quoted TABLOIDS. That’s how smart you are. You didn’t come to my twitter account or blog.

My tweet said ‘ANC sees women AS panties.’

This, my good man, is a simile.

Not only that, but it is based on the ANCYL pictures circulating, where you have young women in ANCYL panties.

Whose children are these that you have so grossly violated? Whose daughters are these whose buttocks you parade to promote your ANC?

Your organisation has denied women the right to human dignity and equality.

Do you have men in ANC underwear parading around your events too? So why is it ok, to do that to women? This is nothing less than DISGUSTING.

Now let us address your response to me.

‘Perhaps this greasy panty called Ntsiki needs to be reminded that historically the ANC has been on the forefront of the struggle to liberate women.’

What absolute rubbish. Yours is not a comparison. You have labelled me a panty, in an effort to attack my sexuality. Legally, your comments are prosecutable. And since WHEN was ANC in the forefront of women liberation?

First of all, your response does not speak to women’s liberation. Your response is about destroying a woman. Is that a new version of women’s liberation? I am sure it’s the same women’s liberation that had your women’s league silent at you spewing such bile. Is it the kind of women’s lib which silences women and sexualises female bodies?

Your women’s liberation has ONE woman in the top five of your league. Ha ha ha. Your women’s liberation has young ladies in panties. Your women’s liberation, in 100yr of ANC has never seen a female president.

Your women’s liberation never honoured Winnie Mandela. Your women’s liberation calls women ‘greasy panties’

Your women’s liberation can kiss my ass. We don’t know you Maine. You have NEVER been a voice for the youth. It was a surprise when we learnt that you were the new league president. I think some of us may have even looked forward to hearing your voice and ideologies. Based on your speech…you are an empty shell. You failed to respond with the dignity, respect and humility of a true leader. Your response was a cheap shot and it cheapened you.

All we know about you is that you crossed over to COPE and went back to ANC to be rewarded with an MEC post. I’ll tell you now…for free… that alone looks VERY STRANGE. It smells of a political rat. Also, are you not turning 35 soon? Interesting because your constitution says youth ends at 35. Are you going to finish your term as an uncle in the youth league? AGAIN, we smell a rat.
Anyways, these are just a few things you got me thinking about. I must say…..the youth league’s future looks bleak.

It’s evident that you’re not a leader… you’re just dirt off my shoulders.

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