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Sunday, July 21, 2013

CRISIS: Sunday World lost its plot in tabloidism!

IT is very stiff and shaking to have lost notice of my favorite paper, Sunday World was once a tabloid paper, the one that catered to the black market, the paper that you were scared of, the paper that everyone behaved in their presence, the paper that didn't have a long shelf life and of course the paper that was cutting edge when it comes to tabloid journalism!

Sunday World:

South Africa’s original tabloid, Sunday World is a young, exciting and the unrelenting weekly newspaper featuring a team of top journalists who speak the language of the people in the street as well as those in the corridors of power.
It might be South Africa’s original tabloid, is it relevant to South Africans? It is a myth to say that Sunday World is young and exciting this day… I am not sure whether the new editor is trying to take a different tactic with this once tabloid or he has failed to study the market of its readers?

A feisty, high-quality “infotainment” product reflecting the world and aspirations of its young black readers. Think breaking celebrity news, socially relevant topical issues, lively news reportage, superb sports coverage and fun-flavored stories that connect readers to what’s happening around the corner, around the country and the world.
“Young black readers”? I am sure this is still referring to the aged Sunday World and it would be nice if it can be changed and focus more on a newly researched market, I am a young black reader, yet the stories are not as interesting as they used to be, I am sure some people will ricochet with me: I remember reading a true tabloid paper, when the likes of top journalist(s), like Ngwako Malatji were still working for the paper.

The people responsible for circulation I put money on that they will fully agree with me when I say the PAPER’s sales have dropped, the shops return copies that are left, the paper should it be treated like a MAGAZINE it will have a very long shelf life. Sunday World will never be sold out at the nearby shop, go check before the shop closes and you’ll find it on the shelves.

People used to wordily praise the paper on the Social media when it hits the shelves and now it’s all mute and actually, I bought it just to see what’s the difference now compared to the original Sunday World.

I will never say the new editor might win later, how can you transform a paper like that over the few months you've been on the ropes? When changing a product, one needs to zoom in, bit by bit so that the readers can relate to the new changes, and not boycott the paper. Ok, like any new boss, you wanted to hear your own heels? Well, that’s not how tabloids work, it’s not like property supplements!

The lead story, “Look out, Louca…” It is indeed a very vital story, for your readers? No! That story could have been done or rather placed better in the City Press or The Sunday Times, even the Mail & Guardian, where are the celebrity news that you claim to be breaking?

Sunday World has no breaking news at all, you’ll notice that, oh, flip, I saw this on the internet or wires! Boils down to the question of the team of top journalists that the paper claims to have, what are they doing? Rubbing shoulders with celebrities and failing to get cutting edge gossip?

Okay,  should I even start talking about the layout? It screams dull, boring, passionless, and "F! I hate my job, let's just design and get over with it." Lets go back to journalism school now, "The secret to selling news doesn't just lie on the news content only; a good design is key and takes top priority." Please!

The back page was also stupid with a girl posed topless, I mean don't they have sports? God only can help that helpless paper!

I am sorry, but this was my last copy of the paper and I am sure I have made a difference in this week’s circulation figures.

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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