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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Producer says they FOUND FALLEN Kwaito artist Drencko in Eastern Cape Filthy and Greasy!

DRUGS ruined his life and people thought it was a calling to become a Sangoma!

Ok, this is just embarrassing, I hate to receive random emails, embarrassing email of the week, hopefully of the month, or the year (For me anyhow), you don’t have to read, just flip to another page, it’s your call!

Apparently Drencko, bona fide name Malungelo Khamango is making a Snail comeback into the music industry. What was he famous for again? Ok, some Kwaito with his hideous hairstyles and suits!

So according to the email from his producer, Wandile Mbixane, they will have a press conference on the 27th of July. It is said that he will be talking about his downfall, drug-abuse and the fact that he was so stressed after his mothers passing on – plus the fact that he was a well known Kwaito artist but never had a dime a bury his dearest mom.

The producer of his latest project, Wandile Mbixane told GoXtra News that people acted as if they wanted to help the musician, telling him to go to initiation school to become a Sangoma, drugs are unsympathetic hey?  

Apparently he was also invited to Churches to get help, and trust me this is Africa and people will try their best to help him! Surely Kelly Khumalo and Ishmael Morabe can refer him to some few people!

Wandile told the entertainment home that they found the Kwaito artist in Eastern, dirty and greasy to the core that flies were no longer sitting on him!

He told us to keep him busy they advised him to open a Stokvel for both industry legends and upcoming artists, it is called Drenckolizer Stokvel, oops! Does not sound serious at all.

But I am glad his producer whose always after making money from artists that are blindfolded.

His latest album is titled Revenge, so dramatic though I was going to escalate my hopes high if the producer was someone else.

By Ntate M'gosi  GoXtra News Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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