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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kanye West manhandled the very same Photographer that Britney attempted to beat up in 2007!

So Kanye West decided to beat up a Paparazzi Friday, or let's just say he was just taking the camera with his pictures?

Kanye arrived in LAX Friday to awaiting photo-journalists/Paparazzi including a man who followed him, according to reports the man wanted to know why Kanye wouldn't talk with him.

The man kept on pushing until the rapper got pissed off, lunging at him and allegedly attempting to loot his camera before dropping him on the ground.

It is said that shortly after the incident occurred, it was reported that Kanye West would be charged with a felony of attempted robbery.

QUESTION: Should the media push celebrities that far by forcing to take pictures or talk with them? Kanye is a person after all and that photographer should have known his limits because he's not God after all!

According to reports the photographer, who goes by the name Dano, actually has a huge connection to Britney Spears - he’s the guy who she attempted to beat up with an umbrella back in 2007!

According to MediaTakeOut, Dano was the aggressor and because he got the reaction he was hoping, he made a lot of money. He was even able to sell the dented Ford Explorer that fell victim to Britney’s umbrella on eBay for over $30,000. He listed the umbrella as well but it is unclear how much it sold for.

Dano is a professional when it comes to pissing  off celebrities and just as he did in 2007, Dano is set to make some money off of his latest run-in with Kanye West. We hope that this man gets what's coming to him and the law must just take its part.

There are many ways to make money than pissing off celebrities!

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