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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Besides having built his legacy, DJ Sbu is also a FASHIONISTA!

He needs no introduction, a successful businessman, record label owner - TS Records, TV presenter and club and radio jock. A founder of Sbusiso Leope Foundation (SLEF) He’s worked on some of the most influential radio stations in the country such as YFM and Metro FM (currently). He continues to inspire a generation of hopefuls from disadvantaged backgrounds with his enthusiasm, hard work and wisdom.

THE self-groomed public speaker also goes around schools to inspire the youth of South Africa.

@DJSbu has groomed many young people like Rufus "DJ Rhee" Moremi who's the presenter of iLife Style on SABC1 and by the look of things Sbu is yet to amaze Mzansi with high hopes to leave a legacy that will continue to flourish.

His style says it all; despite his Mzekezeke look, his style is fresh and elegant.

Though many men came out of the '70s with a closet full of Halloween costumes, this doesn't look too well for this fella. DJ S'bu decided to make a clown out of himself, that's a definite fashion NO. Well a circus he is in this outfit, I feel sick. Well he took some risks in his life but this is taking it way too far, the shirt is hideous on its own, a black trouser would've toned it down but yet the shirt looks like some old lady's society blouse. Compliments go to the shades, belt and shoes (he surely knows how to work those to his stomach turning outfit). The look it’s a total headache!

Well striking us with this charcoal suit and some red shirt, DJ Sbu really outdid himself on this occasion. Showing us how important it is to have the perfect modern suit for the modern men; wearing a charcoal suit, slightly flared trousers, French-cuff dress shirts, and with a red shirt and tie, complimenting his outfit with a pair of sunglasses, however even by today's dress standards, much of Sbu's wardrobe as he still looks relevant with the‘70s styles staging a fashion comeback every few years.

We know, we know -- shopping's a huge pain. Not only do you need to find the time to get your sorry self to the store, but you also need to know which stores to go to in the first place. With the royal blue silky perfect suit and shirt, with black shoes, tie and shades, Mr Leope shows that every man has a different body type and every suit can highlight the right features or the wrong ones; Make sure you wear the right kind of suits for similar high end men fashion.

As the incarnation of every man's ideal of himself this casual look, Sbusiso is dresses in blue jeans, brown t-shirt, biker boots, and a brown biker jacket, wrapping up the outfit with a brown sunglasses. His collections are always classically executed; basic clothing should be worn with these shades. And in spite of the print, the colour makes them wearable in any season; the same can be said about the black frames.

What do you think about his style? Has it grown or still the same?

By Nkosana Dakie (Internal Fashion Editor)

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