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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A better view of the open letter to Unathi Msengana of Metro FM!

Namhla is not wrong to express her personal anger but judging Unathi is the problem here - I never listened to their show but I once visited them in studio for a couples of images (work) and the way they interact you would swear they are rude to each other too; but it's just the witty part of them being together and if someone does not understand must seek that part before picking up a silly red pen.

Dear Unathi

I trust you are well on this chilly Johannesburg morning.
After much hesitation, but with a lot of consideration, I have decided to pen you this open letter. Do not take anything written here as a personal attack on your overall character. I do not know you in a personal capacity; therefore all views expressed here onwards are solely based on you as a Metro FM morning show co-host.

I will first revert to two incidents from last week.

A metro FM listener called on Wednesday morning, to comment about a topic you guys were discussing about twerking. She directed a comment to you about how you should allow young girls to twerk as it was their form of dance equivalent to bumping and grinding back in your days (making reference to R. Kelly’s Bump ‘n Grind). She had obviously not heard your initial statement, where you had said YOU wouldn’t allow YOUR daughter to twerk. And Glen was kind enough to point out this little fact to her, in a polite manner. From what I had heard, she was about to respond and say that she obviously had misheard you [thought you had meant all girls in general].

Analysis: In future don't bottle up things because when you vent out you will sound bitter as the case with your open letter...

Now you Mrs Msengana had to take the final jab at this listener and tell her that she needs to learn to listen. Your exact words were “if we are going to respect each other we have to learn to listen… Learn to listen… I said my daughter”… MEOW!! Catty much?  I frankly found it so unnecessary (because Glen had already checked her and informed her of her inaccuracy…) and just downright rude. It came across like you were ganging up on her and trying to put her in her place. Exactly which part about her response made you feel disrespected? So she misheard you, big deal. Correct her and keep it moving. There is no need to exasperate the situation and make it out to be something it is not. It just made you look like a mean, old bully.

Analysis: Unathi was correct, if you don't understand a topic then stay out of it or seek clearance. In South Africa we have a tendency of not understanding that listening is a skill. If Unathi says she won't allow her daughter to twerk, then that how she chooses to nurture her children and that should not be a problem to anyone.  

I have noticed you have a tendency of making listeners look small. In isiZulu we would say “Uyaphoxana”. I guess with time you have learned to conceal it so well, that even you miss it.
Then on Friday, the kids were calling in and saying which soccer team they supported. One kid (Khosi if I remember correctly) called in. You asked him, what he thought of Beckham’s retirement. Now obviously you caught him off guard, as initially you were just asking the other kids about which teams they supported. His mother decided to help him out with a short answer (the same way she was kind enough to correct you when you called her son a HER). You thereafter told this little boy, to tell his mother that she can call in for herself if she wants to express what she thought of Beckham’s retirement.

Analysis: "...A tendency of making listeners look small." So well I have noticed that jealous people feel small when they are told the truth. In most Africans when a person tells you the truth in a straight forward manner they are rude, of which that should not be the case... As far as I see this, it happens when a black person tells you that truth! Let's STOP seeking ATTENTION in ways that will boast our low self-esteem like Namhla's... Clearly Namhla has been a radio monitor for a while but she failed to exercise the right channels to express her personal views. Metro FM would be very dumb to take this gibberish into consideration, but if they don't see the personal and vindictive attack towards MRS Msengana, well, they will give this bitter listener a platform to air her pre-judgmental views.

The bloody nerve of you! You were most definitely out of line. Have you never helped your kids out when they were in a sticky situation? I know, as a mother, I have prompted my son plenty of times when I see he will battle or is battling with something. And that is how he learns. And no teacher will come and tell me how and when I should prompt my child. The same principal from Wednesday applied here: you did not like the Wednesday caller telling you how to handle your daughter. How dare you tell this mother not to prompt her son? Even though you didn’t flat out verbalize it, it is what you meant. And to top it all off you have the audacity to use her son as a messenger boy. Shame on you! Once again you felt the need to “check” this mother on her behavior.

Analysis: "The bloody nerve of you!" Honestly Namhla you need to get laid I am sure it's been a while now, how can you vent out like that while claiming that this is not personal? What is out of line according to you? Parents should learn to listen to the radio in order to fully grasp the question and tell their kids how they can answer prior of course with the choice of the kid. Unathi was 100% correct when she said that the parent must call in herself if she wanted to be part of the show - to me she's fighting for kids to have independent thoughts. That's why apartheid will never end because parents raise kids with the apartheid stereotypes without letting them take life according to the current generation (theirs). 

Time and time again I have observed this as a common character of yours, which you bring with you every morning to the show. You put people in check and bring orderliness. It is like you are the disciplinarian of the show. You do it with your co-hosts and you do it with the listeners. Well it is distasteful.

Analysis: Namhla once again - a host of any show must bring order to it, surely we don't want a monkey show where monkeys are not only eating bananas but people too. What's your problem about order? When there's no order you will be the first big mouth to point that out... You honestly have a problem and the sooner you deal with it, the better. Did Glen ever said Unathi does not respect them? So mother God you are the disciplinary of radio shows? Have you ever heard about the freedom to make a choice? Make it and tune in to the station that will be perfect for you and your poppy-huis views.

It makes listeners like me very uncomfortable. The platform you have is not for that. I understand if someone is being rude to you or openly disrespectful. Even then, there are ways to handle it, without you losing your cool. And don’t think because people can’t see you, they cannot feel your tone (which often drips of sarcacism, arrogance, bit*hyness and impudence). You cannot run the show like you are running your household. The listeners are your bosses. Our tax money pays and maintains much of the SABC. And just because you take the call, doesn’t make you superior. You must understand you will get all types of callers and yes some will get on your last nerve but how you handle them is important on how your listeners view YOU. I don’t tune in to Metro to hear people call in- I tune in to hear you guys (Glen, Mel and the rest of the crew). It is not pleasant and very unprofessional.

Analysis: Seems like Namhla is also a radio producer who complains for people who do not see a problem about the way Unathi runs the show. The listeners are not UNATHI'S BOSSES that's utter rubbish, she's hired by the SABC, you meant to say they contribute to the RAMS because Unathi gives them great content to listen to while driving to work. Like any state enterprise it's bailed by Government when trouble hits the fence, so who told you that your tax money pays Unathi? When you say "Our tax money" who's the "our" you talking about? Can you kiss all of the in the forehead? If not, speak for yourself, you don't want to sound brave with something you have no information about.

My next gripe with you, if not the worst, is how you speak over people, as if your views are more profound than the next persons. I can only imagine what a nightmare a dinner party with you must be, if your interaction with your team is anything to go by. You cut people off!!! ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. Has no one told you? Anyone? Someone? I have sat in traffic for years while listening to your show and you always do it. I’m not sure if it’s because you have a short memory span and don’t want to forget what you were about to say, or maybe you feel your point will be more valid, or you just simply like the sound of your own voice. Either way it’s aggravating and rude. On many occasions you have given inaccurate information or your knowledge on whatever topic being discussed was slightly skewed. And it took one comment (when you did finally pause) from Glen or Melanie to correct you. You are not a one man show. I understand you won’t always be right (although more times than not you think you are) but maybe if you gave others a chance to talk, you could learn something without first laying your ignorance for the world to see. Learn to breath. Pause. Talk. You are not presenting Castle Loud anymore.

Analysis: "My next gripe with you, if not the worst, is how you speak over people, as if your views are more profound than the next persons." My dear you have issues of low self esteem, what's wrong when someone trusts and stand firm with their views? After all, a view is not a fact and can be debated. You are so judgmental in this letter, it's like you did not get enough attention when you were growing up and Unathi have a daughter to give attention to and not some bitter somebody who's stuck with making a choice of tuning to another radio station.

I am genuinely bringing up these points because I love the show. I have tried to change radio stations and find entertainment elsewhere in the mornings. But I have found myself crawling back with my tail between my legs because I miss the morning mixes, Carmen, the smack down and some of the entertaining content. The show is amazing. It is light, funny, entertaining and very engaging. I love how it is not always work, but there is an element of play. I love Glen’s ridiculousness and boldness (laced with arrogance), I adore Melanie’s intellect, acumen and lady like demeanor and I appreciate your street savyness and fortitude. You guys do a phenomenal job of brightening up the beginning of every working day. I would never take that away from you.

I trust I have been authentic enough with my deliverance of these issues that bother me. And I am aware this is currently an isolated opinion. I hope you do not dismiss it as another black-on-black sister hate or bad case of PHD (pull her down syndrome) but rather you take it as constructive criticism.

Conclusion: You call this "constructive criticism" don't you know where are the doors of Metro FM? You should have went there and address Unathi and trust me if I was in this case, I was going to tell her where to get off and hit her with a better strategy and not just vent poorly... you're so  insensitivity and ridiculous. ARE YOU PERFECT? Well, I am not. 

When you critic put your points neatly and don't be caught in the middle as an emotional junkie that seeks attention... Your letter is so personal and it's difficult for my analysis to sound otherwise because I am addressing the personal letter and not Unathi!

An avid First Avenue listener, Namhla

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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