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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

‘The Chase’ Count Down: 4 Days To Go!

Well, it’s approximately 9 months since Big Brother Africa 7‘Stargame’ ended on 5th August 2012 and here we are today with just 5 days to the 8th season of the reality show dubbed ‘The Chase’!

It’s been a long time of waiting for those who are fans of Africa’s number one reality show. Contrary to last year when the show kicked off on 6th May 2012, this year it starts on 26th May, meaning it will run up to 25th August 2013.

Lot’s of humor, drama, excitement, surprises, fights, confrontations and romances all in one package where part of the Stargame thus it’s only natural to think that even ‘The Chase’ won’t be spared by these breath-taking life events for 91 days.

Stargame had two disqualifications and two voluntary exits, I guess fans of the show wouldn’t want a repeat of this this season as it broke so many hearts especially the Ola-Chris exit.

‘The Chase’ will also have 14 couples from 14 countries from across the continent, that will mean that the housemates will total up to 28. Just in case Biggie brings in the idea of VIPs, then we shall have a different number, this will also mean that we shall have two chambers of the house just like we had Downville and Upville last year.

With just 5 days to go, we are yet to be officially informed on who will  represent who, all buzz going around is not official but one thing for sure, we shall all find out the respective country reps come 26th May, Sunday evening.

For more information, do visit the Big Brother Africa Website [HERE]

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