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Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Things that the MTN SAMA can learn from the Metro FM Music Awards!

Take it from @TheRealMakisto and @BuchuleB - a middle finger to the MTN SAMA 19!

Here's our list of few things that The MTN SAMAS can learn from the Metro FM Awards!

1. Ensure the media is well taken care of. They don't have time to worry about food and drinks, they want to get a story and great pictures because Metro FM does this very well!

2. Make sure the PR companies, like Crush PR treat members of the media equally! The companies you hire!

3. Test the technicalities before the actual ceremony. The technical glitches were a huge turn off. Metros know how to do this better...

4. Make sure the securities and staff are well informed about the proceedings. Take all hired companies to a work-shop to get to know each other.

5. Have an MC for the event. A show usually is associated with a face! That kiddies show behind the scenes was all about booze and not the actual ceremony. The Metros had Azania Mosaka and Robert Marawa Mc the event. Minnie Dlamini and William Lehong did the behind the scenes!

6. Also be kind enough to ask artist if they don't need to relieve themselves before they get on stage, it is common courtesy because some of these artist get to be nervous - not being used to perform for bigger crowds. Make sure they are emotionally okay!

7. If you are broke, look for sponsors so you don't starve people. Metro FM Awards have the government of KZN as their 3-year sponsor. MTN in fact don't need a sponsor, we are spending so much money on our limitless contract phones and 3G cards.

8. It's not about getting the credit alone, so to put more emphasis on point number 7.

9. You must know that journalists are bitter when they are hungry and Metro FM knows this!

10. Be kind enough to keep time and know that other people left early to catch the bus from Rosebank which was delayed by an hour because of mis-communication by the PR companies, again know who you hire!

Finally,  let Donald Moatshe win an Award. The guy is a great hit-maker with the new generation of music buyers and the old ones alike. It is unfair that after such a classic album, he doesn't win. The Metros gave him two Awards, (a) Best Styled Artist (b)Best Produced Album..

The fact that the MTN SAMA awards are influenced by the who's who of the bigger record labels is not helping our local talent!

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