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Monday, May 13, 2013

Play 60%-80% National Music on all South African Radio and all MultiMedia platforms!

Khuli Chana.
  • Guys let's help grow our music industry because the fact that local radio stations don't give too much airplay to our local artists is painful and does not help to master growth within the industry! Down with more international content... Let's support local content. Please sign the petition and share from the right-hand side of our site or the links below!

  • This will also help more artists to be like Khuli Chana (won best album of the year at the MTN SAMA 19), Toya Delazy, Donald Moatshe and many more to win awards and gain more recognition...

  • Target: ICASA (The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa)
  • Sponsored by: Kagiso Ramokgadi
We, the undersigned, will like to appeal to ICASA to review the Local Content Regulation for South African Music finalised 05th March 2004. It is our view that South African Music has grown since then and we request the local content to be increased to 60% or more across all commercial and Community Radio Stations.

We hereby lodge a request for the regulation to be reviewed and adjusted to 60% to 80% for both commercial and Community Radio stations.
Our country is giving away much needed capital to international artists in royalties as their music being played way more than South African music on most Radio.
Playing South African music will contribute immensely to our GDP and potentially create further employment opportunities in the industry. Jamaican Music can set as an example as how music can be used to benefit the country's GDP.
Nigerians are leaps and bound ahead of us by exporting their music to the rest of the world. This is due to their changed attitude towards their own music. Their efforts started at regulatory level, with a deliberate bias towards their own music.
American music is dominating most of our Radio and this is at the expense of talented South African Musicians who can hardly survive. We have our artists now imitating Americans with the hope of getting airplay on radio. This cannot be right.
South African House Music is the celebrated world over and this could easily happen in all South African genres if we give them more exposure. We can harness the positive energy from this for other genre as well. Miriam Makeba died bitter because of lack of support for her music in this country despite being known world over. Lucky Dube was a world star, but yet unappreciated at home.
This will help us also to have a sense of identity as a country.
Go to The Petition Site [Here]

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