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Sunday, April 21, 2013

More than 15 years experience in brand development and marketing experience!

Here are the great words from MR William Seyama after his "Think Out Loud Thoughts"

"Every entrepreneur runs a few basic emotional banking accounts - self-confidence account, the learning account, the credibility account, the integrity account, the reliability account, and the opportunity account.

"While these are credit and debit accounts, there are three critical laws of emotional banking: 

"1. The most common currencies are time and commitment, both of which are two sides of the same coin. In essence, time without commitment is wasteful, and there cannot be commitment without time as these accounts cannot be run in absentia or by abdication.  

"2. You cannot withdraw from any of the basic accounts without having deposited first. In traditional banking terms, your balance in all the accounts has got to always be in the black, not the red. 

"3. You can never deplete or close any of these accounts if you want to stay in the race, regardless of the stage of entrepreneurship you are in.

Cherry on top, all the basic emotional bank accounts are directly linked. None of them work like a pendulum. Thus, any emotional credit you build in one account, will have a direct positive impact on the others."

MR William Seyama is the founder and CEO of iNitiate Integrated Solutions with more than 15 years experience in brand development and marketing experience, with the privilege of having worked in both offline and online marketing disciplines.

He holds a great academic record:

BCom (Wits, 1991) and MBA (GIBS, 2006) degrees… 

You can friend him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and connect with him on LinkedIn and Website.

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