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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shocked by DJ Black Coffee Tweeting to YFM CEO!

DJ Black Coffee needs no introduction in South African music circles. He has elevated the local house-music scene to something exciting and worth investing! A multi-talented producer, record label owner and DJ with a classical music background, it’s hard to miss the unmistakable quality and depth he brings to each offering he produces.  

But recently, he has just told the YFM CEO where to get off via Twitter, it seems like there's a huge-nyana beef going on between Black Coffee and the YFM Chief Executive Officer Kanthan Pillay. 

The DJ who seemed angry at whatever argument they had before tweeted that he will not subject himself to any unethical bullying from the YFM CEO or anyone else about the rights of their music. The Chief at Y did not tweet back, instead he re-tweeted to his 1000 and something few followers compared to Coffee's 198, 214 followers.

Surely where there's fire there's smoke because Black Coffee is not one of those stupid people who'll make such comments without a valid reason and it's nice to see that Black Coffee doesn't leak anyone's a**h*l*!

"YES do remove Soulistic Music on your system." Now, this begs the question if the DJ got threat that the music will be removed from the YFM system because he's actually giving them a go ahead to remove the music... 

Now, one wonders what was the "unethical bullying" referring to what? Why did DJ Black Coffee tweet such?  Anyway, whatever compelled him to tweet such was his valid reason because he does not smoke nyaope or cocaine!

Apparently YFM according to sources wanted a special concert that they will own forever from the Africa Rising and Coffee did not see it happening and so they tried to Blackmail, Whitemail or Indianmail him, obviously it did not work at all! Who's Black Coffee? Who's YFM? An international DJ vs. a Johannesburg based radio station that is not even national! *Take a bow!*

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