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Monday, April 15, 2013

From the Editor: Crying Phil Mphela says our article was misleading!

Phil Mphela says our facts on the story we ran on Tuesday are cooked up and maybe the picture we have as proof is also cooked up!

"On Tuesday some website ran a story about me that was completely misleading and based on cooked up facts and quotes. I chose not to make too much noise about it because I did not want to give credence to nonsense. Needless to say, it still hurt."
On a clear note the "some website" did not mislead anyone and what we quoted on the story is what Phil Mphela said, we will not in future misquote anyone or maybe Phil was drunk when we sent him our questions, anyway here are screen grabs of the conversation.

Phil responded to our Editor after we published the story - "You tricked me. That's shady bro." said Mphela. 

"I told you my writer has evidence, how did we trick you? I asked you two times if you still maintain it's nonsense - where's the trick? U don't know the guy akere? Don't make this personal because I cannot discourage my writers when they believe they have a big story to catch." I responded.

I added, "There's a thin line between someone's job and friendship and I can assure you I draw that line very carefully. Personally I would not offend you or anything but if my job offends you, well, I don't know what you want me to do because you know it very well how is the business of gathering news. I will stop here for now. 
Anyway if we misleading why didn't he showed his readers the original link of the article from his website? To avoid more attention about the actual truth?

If Phil Mphela thinks we defamed him, well, he's welcome to go to the Press Ombudsman or open a case of Defamation against us and we'll gladly accept a summon to attend a court of law.

Read the original article [here]

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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