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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mi-Fone gives up on the Western Media!

Mi -MEDIA I have given up on western media news channels (no disrespect intended).

Reason because Africa is painted in a very negative light. It’s one bombing to another, Kidnap, Malnutrition in Africa, Government corruption, cooked up conspiracy stories and fallacies and to name a few. Every Continent has its negatives and positives, but making Africa’s as negatively prominent as it is being portrayed, is something i frown against. 
I believe its time Africa and Africans correct these norms. We need to promote our Continent in a positive light, as it’s ours to lose and ours to gain. 
Mandela is An African, Desmond Tutu is an African, Nnamdi Azikiwe is an African, Obafemi Awolowo is an African, Kwame Nkrumah is an African, Paul Kagame is an African and to name a few. 
Hence Africa, we need to rise up and take our place in the media world .Enough is enough. Africa is blessed with all you can think of. 
It is in this light that Mi-Fone has decided to promote Africa in a positive light as well as creating aspiration within reach for all …

Long live Mi-Fone! Long live Africa!!

What's your view about the statement made by Mi-Fone? IS it fair? Does it create more ignorance about Africa? Does it help in anyway?

Updated By Buchule Raba and sourced from Mi-Fone

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