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Monday, March 11, 2013

Kenny Kunene is slowly but surely fading!

Ex-convict Kenny Kunene is pushing a Porsche 911 and now lives in a BACKYARD!

The people's paper reported at the weekend that King of Sushi and owner of the ZAR Empire is now living in a backyard!

"Now Sushi socialite Kenny Kunene is reduced to living in a backyard cottage in the garden of a Sandton mansion!" Reported Sunday Sun.

The weekend South African paper also reported that his descent from penthouse to outhouse happened late last year. At the luxurious Emperor, where hip-hop star Akon in 2009 bought a penthouse for R14 Million, things have gone "quiet" since Kenny moved out.

The paper also reported that the ZAR club in Cape Town is also facing liquidation because the landlords are claiming unpaid rent of R450 000.

So it is also said that his penthouse rental was between R50 000 - R100 000! Wow! So amazing that this man did not think of buying his own property? 

LOL! The same paper reported last week that his Porsche 911 was pushed from house 22 lounge to a garage! LOL, was this for petrol maybe? Imagine pushing such a car!

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