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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great Holographic Experience of Brenda Fassie and Arthur Mafokate steals a show!

Meanwhile some girl messes up Lebo Mathosa’s tribute!

We joined Hansa Pilsener, the beer with the special ingredient, in a celebration of South Africa’s music legends last night!


Hansa Pilsener made history last night at the Mary Fitzegerald Square in Newtown – what’s history without being scribbled down? What’s history with no wrong and right?

The Hansa Festival of Legends is mainly to honor our local musical legends by paying great tributes to them and performances are done by legends and those that aspire to be legends in the near future.

I have to admit the turnout of supporters was huge and the rain did not stop the fun for some fans, as it rained a bit during the Zakes Bantwini performance and later while Thebe was on stage.

First things first – the event was well co-ordinated and yes well done to Hansa Pilsener for such an unbelievable entertainment of all time. Security was also on point and there were no irregularities, unless when I was gone.

Now talking about the Brenda Fassie hologram – I’ve notice people complaining and yawning as if they did not read about this hologram experience or they know it better! Number one, it was stated in the news that she will perform one of her popular songs and not all songs, are we clear now? Moving on, yes we were told during the press conference that she will make all the MaBrrr moves, did she? NO! Besides all that the holographic experience was great and some were blown away and cried, not sure if it was Hansa or the dream of seeing MaBrrr back on stage.

The holographic experience was on top of its world! And I was blown away as I stared at it forever...

The grateful Bongani Fassie did a wonderful job in opening for his hologram mother and yes he was so wonderful. It was a performance that we were all waiting for though there were not much screams from the audience as expected to be because they complained about the length of the performance  Maybe as promised, they thought Brenda was going to jump and hug them, hello! It’s a Hologram!


Okay now, moving on, the lady whoever her name is that paid tribute to Lebo Mathosa did a very very bad job and I am sure Lebo was tossing and turning from her grave just to strangle the breath out of that girl. There was clue of Lebo in whatever she was doing last night because it was bad! She couldn’t sing Lebo’s songs properly, she dismally failed to make the music move people like Lebo did! She failed Hansa, Fans and Lebo Mathosa herself. I must say, she swallowed most of the words and you could barely hear nothing!

The was booing but the poor girl kept calm and collected as if she’s not bothered! This is Mzansi my dear and when you do us bad, well, we’ll make sure you take note of that! The fact remains you were very bad and I don’t know how did rehearsals continue with you from the first place you were the wrong choice! We miss you Lebo Mathosa and we could have experienced a show big time!


Arthur Mafokate remains a legend! Ouch! For stealing a show like that? Fact, Arthur prepared very well for the event and he was great, finish and klaar! Of course alongside him was the sexy bootylicious Chomee. I salute Arthur Mafokate, such a legend!

By the way, the leading lady of The Soil would've been a great replacement for Kelly Khumalo.

Some celebrities and fans we saw last night!
Kwanele from Cape Town - enjoying Hansa Festival of Legends with Hansa.

She obviously loves Hansa or was there no choice? Brutal Fruit was there too!

It was time for refreshments!

Friends locked it down with the best BEER! HANSA!

Zakes on stage

The bad Lebo Mathosa

Kaya FM Presenter Bob Mabena and Anele Mdoda

The other legends who graced the stage were Sipho "Hotsticks" Mabuse, Thebe, Trompies, MDU to name but a few and Hip-Hop was fully represented by Khuli Chana... Boom Shaka was also on point GEEZ! How can I forget that sexy Thembi?

Hansa Pilsener supports responsible drinking, so do so and it's not for sale to persons under the age of 18!

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