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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Watch: Thembi Seete could have done a better Lebo Mathosa Tribute

Some people might think the King of Kwaito Arthur Mafokate stole a moment alone at the Hansa Festival of Legends last night, but we decided to bring you what the ever-fresh Thembi Seete did to the audience.

“This is what we talking about…” shouted a voice from the crowd! The ever-growing sexy Thembi made sure that the audience do not keep mum and boo her like what happened to the poor Lebo Mathosa tribute.


Believing in Thembi and the history between her and the late Lebo Mathosa, well, she could have done a way better job if she was chosen to do the tribute herself! Anyway there’s not even a job close to what happened last night! Everyone was great, except the Lebo Mathosa Tribute.

Thembi was great as usual and thanks Thembi Seete...

Once again thanks to Hansa Pilsener for making such a great history in Africa…

Hansa Pilsener supports responsible drinking, so do so and it's not for sale to persons under the age of 18! Drinking and driving reduces your driving ability and you are not alone in danger but every motorists and pedestrians.

By Staff Reporter 

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