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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Key issues are always treated with PROPAGANDA!

Once again their leaders have failed to FOCUS on KEY ISSUES!

So the First National Bank bombs us with a better South Africa visionary ad campaign, and the African National Congress, sees treason? I don’t know what definition can the ANC provide us with, but in law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's nation. Was this ad an extreme act of some sort maybe? Honestly, I have thought about this and watched this ad several times, of course to get the ruling party’s claims, but I failed dismally.

I recall, a while back at school, we would write essays about “My future SA” and that was just a vision, which the ad is about as well. I am as just as FNB, I am so disappointed by the ANC’S re-action about the ad, it’s just dramatic!

The point here is not about children being used, children have honest and clear opinions on most topics, so the ad is innocent by all means.

I was thrilled to see the ad still exists on the internet and SABC3 flighted it tonight too, isn’t the channel supposedly to be following government’s mandate or better said instructions? We need all those messages to be flighted! Can a hacker or someone leak them please! 

Here is the important visionary message -

"Today, we, the children of South Africa, would like to share the following message with you:
There will be a day, when the difficulties we see before us now, the greed, mistrust and anger, will be behind us.
There will be a day, a day when the violence, and our indifference to the violence, will be a thing of the past.
A day when the children of this land will no longer be slaves to their illiteracy, but free to write their own destiny.
There will be a day when, instead of blaming each other, we’ll build each other. Instead of hurting each
other, we’ll help each other.
The challenges before us, cannot be solved by money, or petty politics, protest or violence.
All of the great things we’ve done, we’ve done together, by helping each other."

To be frank, the ANC needs to relax and focus on key issues that will help the above vision see light in a democratic country. I mean, any child’s dream is to see a free-corruption state, a state that people are considered, a state where millions of Rands are not used to renovate iNkandla, a state where millions of Rands are not used for business breakfasts, as reported by the New Age (Newspaper), another government mouth-piece.

Big ups to FNB – they were very wise to use children in this campaign, children are vulnerable to many things and what is the government doing about it? How many child abuse and rape cases are reported everyday? Are there no issues to focus on than a stupid publicity stunt over an ad campaign?

The ANCYL anger –

“The African National Congress Youth League is deeply angered and disappointed by the so-called You Can Help campaign allegedly launched by First National Bank. We say allegedly, because until now, we find it impossible to believe that a bank formed and sustained by the hard work and toil of the South African people could so crudely turn on the very people who guarantee its livelihood.”

Surely they allege, who’s the ANYL to speak on behalf of South Africans? This is so shameful, judging by the comments from the public, there’s nothing wrong about this ad! We do need a BETTER South Africa! We do see a country without GREED! We do see people working together!

Part of the statement issued by Jackson Mthembu on behalf of the ANC -

“The African National Congress (ANC) is appalled by First National Bank (FNB) ‘advertisements’ in which the ANC, its leadership and government, is under attack on a commercial masqueraded as youth views.”
Who said the ad was about the ANC? Well, I am glad that the shoe fitted the right foot! As they saying goes, “If a shoe fits you, wear it!”

I would personally say, the ANC needs a Public Relations company that will help them in running a proper PR, that will read and verify their statements before they embarrass themselves in public. Of course, minister Angie was a lecture, it would be nice for her to know the importance of education and help SA’S kids get a better education.

How many protests should we engage in during a year? How many people must be killed by Police every year? How many millions should be spent on unnecessary things every year? What is the government doing to avoid the above listed? But the very same government that denies to have failed us complains about an ad campaign that gives a child’s vision to a better South Africa!

The ad does not threaten to overthrow any government and it does not focus on any individual person, even if it did, well, it was going to focus on the public portfolios we elected them to serve on, in order for service-delivery to be fast-tracked!

The video on YouTube is currently standing on 80,400 hits and more than 1000 likes compared to 20 dislikes which could have clicked in my opinion by those who are burning like fireballs because of an innocent ad!

Thanks FNB! You ROCK!

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB | Who's Who SA | 

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