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Monday, January 14, 2013

Kelly Khumalo a Publicity Junky! Is she a liar?

A lot went down at the weekend, yes, and I mean a lot - Kelly Khumalo as we reported last year is a publicity junky.

Sunday Sun revealed yesterday that the Gogo (Grandmother) that posed on her reality show 'Rolling With Kelly Khumalo' wasn't her real Gogo. The paper reported that Kelly's actual Gogo - her mother's mother lives in the East Rand in poor health and is estranged from her daughter Ntombi and her famous granddaughter, Kelly.

The paper further reported that her real deal Gogo is Nicholina Khumalo (87) who's bedridden because of stroke and is being taken care by a grandson. According to the paper all Gogo wants is their love and not their money.

I honestly don't see why a changing person or rather a recovering drug addict will hide her Gogo, why is this young woman treating her Gogo like a stranger? The paper, Sunday Sun also asked Sarah Setlaelo about the Gogo who who became a model all of a sudden to pose for Kelly's real Gogo and she was quoted as saying, "No comment from Kelly or me."

All I said and still stand on, Kelly is fake, a publicity seeker, she has not changed a bit, she's acting to have changed, so long she still acts in the public domain, none will change. It starts with you my dear Kelly Khumalo! STOP LIVING A LIE!

Honestly this woman is a joke! Lying for the public, not just Kelly, but all celebrities, opens lines of hate as the truth gets to be revealed at a later stage.

Even the move that Sarah took not to comment was not wise at all - you need to provide the media with a comment because the public will decide on your behalf should you not do so.

One should put at the back of their minds when approached by the media, "I am not dealing with the Journalist here!" I am dealing with the millions of People that are going to read the paper, trust me those people are only told what to think about and not what to do by what they consume from the media.

Here's what we said last year -

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By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB | Who's Who SA | 

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