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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maftown Heights Vol 3: I believe in Maftown Heights as being a celebration of our language(s)

As a build up to the Maftown Heights Vol. 3 event on 30 November 2012, The Maftown Heights platform will be doing a daily spotlight feature on the artists on the Maftown Heights line-up. With that in mind, here's a 411 about one of the artists, Flex Boogie... 

Who is Flex Boogie?

By far one of South Africa’s most engaging hip hop artists on stage and on one wax delivering stellar Motswako lyrics coupled with a beautiful insight into a mind of a growing black creative on the cusp of releasing all of his dreams.

With a wonderful background in the South African arts and boasting a great collaborations roaster with the cream of the country’s crop FlexBoogie is poised in prime position to rival any artist when it comes to presentation, energetic live performance and his amazing knack to entertain and capture the attention of any  listener at an ear’s distance.

What does Maftown Heights mean to you?

Personally I believe in Maftown Heights as being a celebration of our language/s. As much of a cocktail mix as I am, lol, I think as Motswako artists we preserve the Setswana language and do good in preserving our heritage so our fans and our people can stand Proud in a westernised world. We definitely are custodians of our own identity. That speaks a million worthy volumes. Maftown Heights makes me proud of us.

What don’t people know about Flex Boogie?

I always rehearse with my two daughters. They're the most biased audience I know. Hahaha!

How can people connect with you?

The spotlight feature will go live at 12PM (Afternoon) daily on, so please don't miss it!

For event info contact: @MaftownHeights

For media enquiries about the event/and or to interview any of the spotlight artists


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