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Monday, October 22, 2012

You’ve heard it! Diminished musician Sliq Angel is still just about

After all we need to know what our local artists get up to? Where they fade to? We saw a tweet yesterday asking if Sliq Angel is still around? Of course having spotted him several times around Melville, News Café (Campus Square) and 7th Street we had to tweet back and admit that the faded musician in people’s minds is still around and performs at Liquid Blue, 7th Street in Melville, at least he was seen two times gracing the patrons at the club, after he was among the crowd himself unidentified.

When we saw him at News Café, the early weeks of the fading month, he looked well in his motorcycle and sank himself in a bottle of red wine while at it two ladies were his company. He was later spotted performing at a popular gay club, Liquid Blue, one of the patrons was reminded by his almost hit song, ‘Amantongomane,’ from his debut album that was released in 2003.

Hopefully he was booked as the Club is not that popular for live performances, or maybe his CD was played, who knows? We also learnt from a trusted source within the premises that it was his popular spot...

So you've heard it, Sliq Angel is still just about and he does not look penniless at all, if the looks can say it all. At least he was not using a public transport… Hopefully there’s still a dime in his bank account.

We'll keep an eye and hopefully we'll manage to get some more information for the loving fans.

By Staff Reporter (Night Life Coverage)

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