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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tweets Analyzed: Bonang Matheba is interactive on Twitter

Bonang Matheba is a South African businesswoman, radio and television personality. Knowing how active she’s involved with her followers on Twitter, well, I have taken the time to analyze her latest tweets which amounts to 9028 out of 29, 482 in total.

It is very vital for any brand or celebrity to be interacting with their followers on Twitter, should they be ignored, well, they will seek that closure from other similar brands. With the growth of the usage of digital space and fading of the digital divide, brands should be cautious and use these developments to their advantage(s), and my prime example in this case is Bonang Matheba.

She’s been on Twitter since 04 July, 2010, Matheba gets Re-tweeted every single tweet she tweets and per day she tweets 35.1 tweets and only 11.1 is the number of her Retweets. Based on the number of analyzed tweets she has at least favored every 35.5 tweets.

Her current Twitter standing is as follows –

@Bonang_M (Twitter Handle)

Followers: 289, 690

Following 1, 080

Tweets 29, 482

Mentions – 51.1% which makes up a total of 4614

Retweets – 9% which makes up a total of 816

Plain Tweets 14.1% which makes up a total of 1277

Replies – 13.6% which makes up a total of 1229

Pictures – 5% which makes up a total of 452

Links – 7.1% which makes up a total of 639

I personally feel for Bonang Matheba as a brand the results above are very impressive and should be kept at such a level, bearing in mind that a brand can be damaged at any stage online. So tools for reputation management should also be utilized if needed so. One of the common ways to check one's reputation online is doing a name search (personally), brand name and or not limited to company search and see what comes out of the first page from the desired search engine.

Sponsors, potential employers, friends and co-workers including journalists will probably find your information on the first page, so it is wise to use the necessary tools to keep positive information ranking top on search engines.

My next copy will focus deeply on the tools available to use in order to maintain your reputation and that of your company or brand online.

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB

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