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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DJ Speedsta makes a clean breast about his career

DJ Speedsta is a Hip Hop DJ, who enjoys seeing people exultant, loves music and loves seeing at people their best. He was untaught as Lesego Nkaiseng, born in the Vaal (“Where things are a bit backwards”), to him growing up in the Vaal was good, he describes it as a nice place to grow up, though it is not a nice place where you can cultivate as a person. He says,  “It is very difficult to live a dream in the Vaal because it is such a small place, hence I moved to Johannesburg. There are not enough resources to reach your goals.” 

He makes a clean breast that it is still his home and he will always visit his family and for work.

People in the Vaal discourage themselves because of the lack of resources, there is a lot of talent in the Vaal. But there is no means of putting your talent to use.”

The youthful Disc Jockey finds Jozi as a supplementary challenging City compared to the tinny Vaal, Jozi is full of opportunities with people working hard non-stop, “There’s no time for slacking…” says DJ Speedsta.

Q – Was being a Disc Jockey always your trance?

A –  Not until High School. I grew up being a naughty kid who thought everything was a joke. I enjoyed being silly, doing stupid things, doing anything to make people laugh. I love music, so I thought why not make people feel happy through music, without having to hurt anyone’s feelings. Every time I play, I get the same feeling I got when I played at a gig for the first time.

Q – Take us through the feelings of your first foremost gig in Jozi?

A –  LOL! I was nervous. I was in Grade 12 and i had a student gig on a Thursday night. Had to lie to my parents about where I was going on a school night, the set i was scheduled to play was an early set but things didn’t turn out that way. I got asked to play the main set because one of the DJ’s could not make it. I had people with Goofy eyes looking at me from all areas of the club, the nervousness started kicking in. I put everything aside, focused on what i was doing. I wanted to play a main set in Jozi for long at this time, the time had come. I had to deliver. I did just that and never looked back.

Q – You’ve moved to Jozi to pursue your DJ and school career(s), so what are you studying and where?

A –  Yes, I am currently studying Tv and Radio production at a sound engineering school called In House Audio.

Q – How would you encourage other aspiring DJ’s about school?

A –  It's important to be educated, success is not only about being wealthy. Don’t take shortcuts, it's not worth it in the end. DJ’s have a lot of time on their hands because you play on weekends and during the week you spend about 2 hours working on gigs, mixes, getting new music etc. The rest of the time you need to be studying. It is easy to juggle the two, it really is. It's how you do it that matters.

Q – Besides being a DJ, what else do you do?

A –  I do a lot, I’m a tv and radio presenter, I have recently started doing my own events and I have also recently got into production. So I am pretty busy.

Q – Who do you look up to in the industry?

A –  Euphonik, Dj Franky and Dj Naves. These are the three guys I look up to because of their drive, DJing has changed a lot over the years, it’s a business now more than anything. To maintain a business as a DJ is no joke, the guys I look up to are doing it.

Q – What was your turning point in life and how did you overcome that?

A –  I was raised and I grew up with white people all my close friends are white, when I got to Jhb things changed. All of my close friends are black, I had to adapt. That was a drastic change for me, I have managed to maintain it well though. Black or white, I still have the same relationship with all my friends.

Q – How do you grow and move forward from your mistakes?

A –  I acknowledge when I’ve done something wrong and learn from it. This helps me grow as a person.

Q – What or who’s the pillar of your strength?

A –  My brother, he's been in the industry for years now. He gives me advice when I need it. And he's always there for me, helps me out with everything and always looks out for me.

Q – For the ladies, are you single or taken?

A – LOL! (Laughs Out Loud),  I’m happily taken.

Q – Back to Djying, what makes you smile when you’re entertaining the masses?

A –  When people shout and scream when I do the technical tricks.

Q – So many are the DJ’s, what makes you stand apart from the crowd?

A –  The way I sell myself and the way I play. I've got a very old school way of playing where I use loops and cuts in my sets, so they do not sound like one long Rick Ross song.

Q – Any project that you’re currently busy with?

A –  Yes, my new single dropping soon... I have worked on the single with Psyfo and Cassper Nyovest look out for it.

Q – Finally, what do you believe-in in life?

A -   I'm a Christian, I grew believing that anything can be done with the grace of God and hard work.

In conclusion DJ Speedsta says, “Jozi has been good to me for my career because there are more opportunities here and more competition here, you have to be on your toes at all times.”

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