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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's a norm: Beyonce Records brings you Jaiva Cherry

Beyonce Records says Jaiva Cherry. In closing and celebrating Women’s month, Beyonce Records presents to you another bring down the house party. Famous for hosting lavish parties, Beyonce Records this time will be hosting ladies amongst few select Gents at an exclusive venue. This is going to be the party that will see Jozi dancing till they run out of energy. Put on your dancing stilettoes and show some Cleavage, it’s a girl’s night out; a chance to spot some single men in the midst.

The night will be bright with some eclectic entertainment from Beyonce Records artists. Including the new single from the Platinum girls Thee Queens of Dance, DJ Menace with his sexy seductive dance moves will surely make you feel the beat whilst fresh from Asian tour Top Mafia’s will mesmerize you with Kasi flaunt styles, being sipping cognac or smoking cigars all in the name of the ladies. Be sure to enjoy DJ Kwazee when his swag takes center stage for the ladies. It won’t be enough until Vukani makes you move. Elements of Soul will also give Power to the ladies with soothing sounds of “All for your Loving” from their debut album. Ladies expect a big surprise.

Expect nothing but fun. “On the night Ladies give me some sassy Bright look…” says the organizer.  It’s a bright night with beautiful ladies night out at the lavish venue. Jaiva Cherry a dazzling moment with the ladies dancing till energy is no more.

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