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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fart Joe and Pole Thusi are making a doll with no batteries out of Real Goboza – charge please!

Since Monday morning I felt like I have been interviewed by Phat Joe, on Real Goboza, I have been disturbed, lost the structure of my focus, giving people old news, asking them questions and disturbing them when they’re trying to answer. I felt like instead of making the show about people (interview subjects), it was indeed about me (Phat Joe).

By law, the show features the latest news and gossip about South African celebrities and related events – so it’s either film in the studio or partly at those events. The show’s magazine format covers, music, movies, telly and SA’s social scene and mixes comedy, factual and live music to share with the viewers, of which most of them see whatever is featured as breaking/new news – while it’s simply dull news.

Regular inserts include interviews with celebs from within the studio and their events or rather local entertainment events, red carpet coverage, reviews, fashion and celeb scandal. It can be spilling old beans about socialites or well-known business people, soapie stars or the dirty rags of their daughters.

But there’s nothing more to watch than the irritating Phat who has made the show about his laughter – I mean you already know what you’re going to be talking about, so why laugh as if you’re surprised? Why use most of the time disturbing your interview subjects? What are we getting as viewers if you miss your job of posing a question and wait for the response? I mean talking about what you said to Lira on your radio show is so irrelevant – we aren't promoting your radio show here but doing what the show supposedly be doing.

Going back to the first season of the show which was hosted by new media acclaimed small minded, Dineo Ranaka and comedian Trevor Noah and featured a television insert called ‘TV with Lelo” which was hosted by an entertainment Blogger Lelo Boyana (Brown Shuga). The insert included updates and gossip about the latest TV shows on SABC channels and local celebrities and Lelo added flavor massively.

Not that I am being naïve or sarcastic but seeing Pearl Thusi and Phat Joe running the show just disables my whole body system. They simply in simple terms run a thwack workshop for pre-school kids, better to watch Selimathunzi and I don’t know why do we still need a repeat of such garbage on our economical channel screen.

As Trevor and Dineo left the show after the first season, fashion journalist Nomakula (Kuli) Roberts replaced Ranaka for season two as the female host. The male replacement of Noah was Siyabonga (Scoop) Ngwekazi. Still the show was fun and exciting – until self controlled Brenda Ngxoli and lacking listening skills Phat Joe hosted the show together. Wow! Brenda has been from the start out of order like those old Telkom pay phones. Trust me she’s better when screaming the Albany bread thing on etv.

In reality shows like RGB do not need people who just talk the talk, but people who have a flair for gossip, people who know how to use their voice to add spice to the gossip. After all, you cannot gossip while you yourself is sleeping.

Urban Xplosion (Soweto TV) is there, Headlines (Mzansi Magic) is there, Selimathunzi (SABC 1) is there, Real Goboza is finally there and we see the same crappy events in all these shows, I mean for what for now? They all cover or get invited to the same events, so lame and boring!

Back to RGB – can we please focus on the show? Can we get a new set of presenters? Can we not be bored by a show that was supposedly to be entertaining? Can we get the girl next door to do the deed?  I mean for real now, even if Headlines by Kuli Roberts and Trevor Gumbi attended the same event with RGB – they make the best out of their content.

Phat Joe and Pearl Thusi must just go please, I beg! There’s a lot they can do – for example Pearl can be a Primary School motivational speaker and Phat sticks into telling himself jokes and laugh out his ass internally.

If you think Real Goboza is the show – well, you must be bored and don’t know topical issues surrounding the SA entertainment industry…

By Staff Reporter

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