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Monday, July 16, 2012

Relationships: Her beauty won’t change the fact that she still suffers the cold winter season

Model: Siphosethu Makubalo
I thought it was going to be better for her when her boyfriend moved in with her, bearing the fact of this cold winter season, she wakes up at 05:00am and if not mistaken she leaves the house at 06:00am (Local time). So when he moved in with his four wheels I just knew her travelling life would change for the better. The routine is still the same and to your surprise the Boyfriend goes about an hour later after she’s left.

It is common courtesy to help those we love, it is not nice when a young woman suffers the cold out there while having a man under her warm blankets. It is not a matter of petrol, if your BF does that to you, well, I think it’s time to move on because it’s not right nor okay. I would cherish the wonderful moment of taking her to work so that her co-workers can see the man in love with that pretty woman who would bear children for me one day.

She does not need to ask you (Gentlemen) to take her to work, it should ring in your cleverness that she keeps me warm, so why not return the favor? I was amazed when he came back from work yesterday, I mean the way she jumped into the kitchen to prepare him a warm cooked plate of rich bean soup type of meal. What is there to ask more of such a great woman? She knows how to treat a man through his stomach, she knows her role as a woman (the old saying), she’s so appreciative of her man and I respect a woman like her.

I have this imagination, what does he say in response when she shares how cold it was in the morning? Does he agree with her? Of course he does not have a clue at all for the fact that he does not take her to work. This proves that women are stronger than us for the sheer fact that they can keep such a cold bastard under their warm wings. Dump him if he treats you like gibberish!

Does this have anything to do with cultural stereotypes? Is it about being black or white? Is there anything wrong when you take your partner or pair to work? What is love when you let her suffer in the cold weather? For the reason that you saw the weather report last night, your first words should be, “Baby did you see that cold? I am damn taking you to work tomorrow and there’s no way my baby can get cold…” You know, the small things make a happy woman, one who would think about you even if you no longer with her.

This experience touched me so I am urging all Gentlemen out there to take care of these wonderful women who brought us in this world. We should not merely use women as sex objects and elements of abuse. We should emancipate them and allow them to enjoy life fully as we allow and protect a newborn baby. Treat your woman to the best of your ability, respect her, hug and kiss her when she’s in need.

Let your shoulder be her pillow! It’s not being culturally inclined or stereotyped but being a Gentleman.

I relish

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